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About Merlin Telecommunications Ltd

Merlin Telecommunications was formed in 2007. The Directors soon became fed up with hearing stories about atrocious customer service and incomprehensible pricing packages and tariffs, so decided they would buck the trend and provide a superior service and provide simple, straightford and easy to understand bills and pricing structure.

Wanting to abolish trussing customers up into long contracts with hefty exit penalties, also meant the birth of the 30 day contract.

Our mission is to provide UK businesses with the very best service, pricing and an unbeatable customer friendly agreement.

From data, lines and calls, SIP Trunks to full blown bespoke VoIP systems, we also provide an awesome web based unified communications solution - a superb collaboration tool for business.

We are completely independant, so not tied to any suppliers and that means we are constantly searching for innovative products to keep us and you, bang up to date with rapid advances in technology.

Our customers tell us they love what we do, because we are different. We are easy to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable and get things done quickly.

Honest, objective and impartial and far more nimble than our industry-giant competitors. You might say, refreshingly different!

Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Product Details

Our Pro-iPBX VoIP system is reliable and robust, with 24/7 support, so you are never without support or emergency back up.


  1. A call reporting tool allowing you to produce fully customised data reports
  2. Call recording for monitoring/staff training
  3. Instantly managed out of hours services - no need to remember to change your phones to night service
  4. Built in business continuity for when disaster strikes - divert calls to a mobile or analogue line.
  5. Auto attendant to route your calls to the correct department and create call queues to dictate the on-hold experience for your clients and manage call volume.
  6. No maintenance charges
  7. Free support and incredible customer care by our tech team

And, if you need a system that gives you remarkable collaboration within your company, look no further than our Wildix offering.

  • This web based tool enables simple, instant and secure communication between employees wherever they are situated, anywhere in the world. Helping you save up to 25% of your working time.
  • Use any office phone or mobile device to:- set up a video conference share your desktop send faxes and virtual reminders with a click
    know where your colleagues are, with the geolocation function, see if they are online, absent or do not want to be disturbed
  • Integrates with an abundance of CRM systems and hardware
  • Includes advanced encryption system for maximum security

Wildix is a real game changer.

Both systems are completely and utterly flexible. We will customise any solution to suit your needs now and in the future, as your business changes and grows. We don't charge for support or making any changes to your system. You're in the driving seat and we'll always help you achieve a completely tailored system for you.

We provide every data connection from ADSL, to leased line and ethernet connections and full network and cabling services.

Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Support & Customer Service

Merlin clients always get to speak to an advisor immediately and most problems are generally resolved in the first phone call.

Our team are all tech experts, with years of experience between them. We are human and have a great sense of humour! Big believers in treating you as we would wish to be treated ourselves and we always act in your best interests.

We strive for excellence and our aim is to provide you with the best service you have ever known.

Our service promise:-

We answer calls in a maximum of 30 seconds, but generally between 2 and 6 seconds.

Log and respond to all technical faults raised by telephone within 60 minutes with a resolution diagnosis.

We offer full support to all emergencies out of normal working hours.

Log and respond to all technical faults raised by email, voicemail and fax within 4 hours and if outside of normal working hours 8.30 - 6.00pm- we will respond to at the earliest possible opportunity on the next working day.

Countries Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Services Available In

UK Business

Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Pricing

We keep our pricing very simple and basic. Low cost pricing to mobiles, UK Landline and Overseas calls however many calls you make. No tiers and fully itemised. We guarantee that we will match costs on a like for like basis.

Not fans of 5 or 7 year contracts, we don’t tie you in, but do offer a 2 or 3 year deal that includes unlimited calls (and we mean unlimited) and the 3 year deal includes the cost of your hardware to help you spread the cost of initial expenditure.

Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Free Trial Information

Ask for a free audit of your current system. We will analyse your current invoices, look at your system and give you our impartial recommendations for the future.

We are more than happy to send you a handset to “plug and play.” A great opportunity to trial our system before buying. No hardsell and no commitment.

Contact Merlin now on 0800 877 8810 to learn more about the benefits we can provide to make your business thrive.

Merlin Telecommunications Ltd Key Features

  • Pro-iPBX hosted phone system.
  • Wildix - web based phone system.
  • Data connections
  • Calls and lines
  • Networking and cabling

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Merlin Telecommunications Ltd
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Been with Merlin now for what seems for ever ( are so good we cannot remember what it would be like without them ) ;-) but at least 3 years now and they keep getting better ;-) . Always ahead of the game tech wise and as a lifetime Geek I really appreciate this. But from a vet practice perspective the most important thing is SERVICE!! 3 days ago suddenly our whole network went down, including VOIP phones!! Can you imagine how popular I was as IT Support!! After trying all other avenues to diagnose the issue I had Andy from Merlin on the phone for 1 hour as we went over everything ( a lot nothing really to do with Merlin ) and we found a Network Loop involving one of our bits of hardware, that was not picked up on any of the normal diagnostic software we used. Removed one cable and whole Network back to normal!! Awesome support speaking to real people on the phone 24/7 very rare now a days. Well done Merlin and thank you. Cannot recommend too highly.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I have used Merlin for a number of years now. They are a very good company with excellent customer support. In particular, I highly recommend Andrew Bricknell and Andrew Craven who really know their stuff. Top marks - well done and keep up the good work!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Merlin set up and installed our voip phone system and its very easy to use and the support we get is fantastic! I highly recommend them and im looking forward to updating our phones and adding more outbound lines. Fantastic service and fantastic on cost.

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