Meet the Serchen management team

Serchen has a dedicated team that will provide you with the best experience possible. Our team is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced individuals, read more about the management team below.

James Ketchell

CEO & Founder

An entrepreneur with 17+ years experience with internet ventures. An avid reader, storyteller and World traveller, he splits his time between California and his homebase in the UK. An extremely proud father of twin girls, James spends his spare time on the racetrack.

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Gary Adams

Creative Lead

Gary has been creating products at Serchen for the best part of a decade. He has a keen eye for design and is extremely passionate about user experience. Gary loves building new things and more often than not, you will find him leading the way on Serchen's greenfield projects. Gary spends his spare time working on personal programming projects and gaming, he also enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his dog, Red.

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Ian Bailey

Technical Operations Officer

With over 10 years experience working with technology in the business world, Ian has seen the change from a desktop environment, to being based completely online. Ian has been involved in numerous projects, ranging from marketing automation, ad delivery and ppc engines to external support and building the Serchen network and CRM system! Ian embraces remote working and with a young family, it works perfectly.

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Lee Brant

Head of Account Management

Lee has 12 years of online advertising sales & marketing experience as a Senior Account Manager. He specialises in online advertising sales, account management, website statistics and campaign analysis. Away from work, Lee enjoys travelling, football, and walking his dog Alfie.

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