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09 February 2024

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Monday, February 12, 2024

The hardware that our services were running on failed, and through their negligence, they attempted to restore the failing drive without ensuring the data was migrated to working hardware. As a direct result, all of our Material was lost.

After initially contacting support regarding this matter, the support team was unable to assist us because this was not a software issue. The support team attempted to escalate the matter to their leadership. This is where LogicServers failed. After over 24 hours of downtime with no resolution, our team attempted to reach out to them through additional channels. Only to be met with condescending messages from their owner. Instead of seeking a meaningful resolution to the issue, this person elected to tell us that “I am not your personal support, I am a company director and I hire people to do support."

Following this, the owner has offered no meaningful resolution to this matter. Their internal backups have failed, and they are unable to restore any data. Now, they've attempted to cherry-pick from the Terms of Service in a vain attempt to assert that this is not their problem. However, upon review of the the Terms of Supply, section 13.2, it clearly states. "... We will not be responsible for any loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of your Material caused by you or any third party."

The loss and destruction of our Material is due to their negligence. Not our's or a third party. Their support team clearly described to us in emails the hardware failure, and their attempt to restore the failing drive, which ultimately is what destroyed the data.

I cannot stress how unsatisfactory this service has been. Months were spent building the content for this service, and due to LogicServer's negligence, it has all been lost. Instead of seeking a professional, and meaningful resolution to this matter, their Director has chosen to do nothing but provide condescending responses to our requests for an update.

Do not be fooled into thinking this service is worth your money. Our interactions with them have demonstrated that the company is being run poorly, not only by unqualified leadership but in their day-to-day practices. Any sponsorships or endorsements for this service seen on popular gaming channels should be carefully considered.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

My ark server has really good performance and customer support is helpful. They have a Discord community where you can get support quite fast and everyone is super friendly

Good price and good servers

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Stay away from LogicServers. erver performance is good. Pricing is excellent. Had some technical issues with their Config Editor, it is very clunky to say the least. It was causing outages and frustrated users and I felt it would be justified to have a test server spun up for a very small fraction of time to get our config ported over. Attempted to contact customer service for assistance and have never received ruder customer service in my life! It was just a request, a simple "no" would have sufficed.

Here is the reply:

10/07/2018 (10:12)
Aidan Taylor

We are not going to configure the editor correctly without payment, that takes time, lots of it dependig on your config.

We will not give you a free server either, if we did that for everyone we wouldn't be in business.

You can ask any other host for a free one and they will most definitely tell you the same thing.

Best Regards,
Aidan Taylor

09/07/2018 (20:21)
We are still having issues with our config files. If I copy and paste the config file from our old server and NEVER use the Configuration Editor, we have no issues with our server. If we use the LogicServer configuration file and edit it from scratch, it breaks all of our XP multipliers.

We had a previous ticket in for this same issue, and ended up wiping the map and starting over. However there are some settings we need to change but we need to use the LogicServer version.

To prevent from server interruptions and driving people nuts, I would like to be able to spin up a 2nd server to use as a Test server but only temporarily. Once I get the config files playing nice with the game files I can make the changes in production then have you shut down the test server.

Is this something you could accommodate so I don't have to switch providers?



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