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Thursday, July 4, 2019

How not to run a company. seriously how are these people in business! BAD HOSTING


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from why does this matter

Thursday, March 7, 2019

having to stop my bank from enabling payments to this company.

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from donthaveonemate

Monday, February 11, 2019

Where do i start? Hm the reviews:

- Gtx are botting 5-star reviews 100%, Every time someone posts a 1/2/3/4 star review a 5-star is posted shortly after with no avatar and 1 review. Now, why is that? Its because their avg rating will decrease. They have reviews saying "OMG I LOVE PAYPAL" and "I LOVE GTX GAMING" and this is the best one "Used these guys to fit my kitchens" GTX where is the option to buy kitchens on your site? I'd love to get a new kitchen from a hosting provider, please. Not only that but they're very sneaky in reporting old reviews to have them removed, Trustpilot has removed my 1-star review 2 times now when its been "verified order" ever since i posted i smell a brown envelope under table kind of thing going on.

Blackmail :

- Anyone who signs up to this company with real information is at risk badly, GTX is the reason i no longer do this because it just shows you can't trust even "amazing and big" hosting companies with your real personal details, If they don't agree with you they will use your personal details to contact you which is disgusting behaviour. If some grown man added my family on FB or kept ringing them because they posted an honest review which they didn't like I'd go mad.

There is loads of occurrences where they've even added clients on fb to call them names or blackmail them into removing reviews. Seeing as most clients they get are teenagers or under 16 it's scary to see this from a company, I believe the guy they added on fb about a REVIEW was 14 almost 15...(Again this is what people claim but no actual proof) Some grown ass man sending you a request on FB to message you about a review is not on at all, Of course, reviews can affect your company so they have every right to question reviews BUT THAT'S WHY TRUSTPILOT HAS A REQUEST INFO BUTTON! YOU DONT ADD KIDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR PHONE PEOPLE! Wish I put my real number now because i'd love it if you phoned me mate trust me, Unlike the young kids you phone who probably crack and remove the review i'd have a conversation with you for 12 hours for all i care.


- They also just resell OVH and claim they can charge more money because they offer better support, I don't see this being the case and is a joke. I used to think GTX was some massive company that everyone used but in reality, it just looks like a reseller company who doesn't even own an office or a server at all.

With all that aside:

- I've never really had issues with services even though i had a VPS costing triple of what it was worth, Their company in terms of everything but the staff is meh okay. But how anyone can use this company anymore or at least use it and provide real information is beyond me.

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from home

Monday, January 28, 2019

horrible company, full of rude and hateful people, trying to ask for help due to being locked out of their site because the site keeps changing your password and you dont get the emails is not allowed in discord, so you get kicked and banned for asking for any type of help. and they dont refund due to how rude they treat people, they blame you and keep your money. and then liar about saying they warned you about spamming discord when they never did a warning they just kick. bad customer service, find some where else

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from .

Monday, November 26, 2018

Caught the manager pretending to be a customer and lying about the great service he was getting and the clown didn't have the common sense to change his profile which liked straight back to him.

He then claimed that it wasn't him but was a employee and that the employee was also a customer

Deceitful crooks sending nasty corespondents and calling me at 2am because he didn't like my review.

Anyone reading reviews for GTXGaming can quickly see the appalling customer service they have which doesn't leave much room to take about the rubbish laggy servers with constant disconnects.

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from Looney

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dishonest company and foul play, so the first thing you may notice about the company is how they advertise 5 STARS on there website, once you click on that logo you get redirected to there company on trustpilot, once there you will quickly notice that they are infact only a 4 STAR company on trust pilot. So I thought well maybe they are close to 5 stars but NO they have a rating of 7.9 to be a 5 star company you must have 9.0 out of 10 minumum.
Second foul play by this company is again through there website, once clicked on the trustpilot logo on there website and redirected to there trustpilot page they have the link set so it automatically filters off the 1 star and 2 star reviews so you only see 3 star and upwards.
3rd point to make and you can look for yourself is the huge amount of fake 5 star reviews the company has, now its hard to prove a fake 5 star review but all you need to do is look at the amount of people with only 1 review and the way the reviews are wrote, they seem somewhat unreal. People just don't get that excited about a server hoster company to that level.
On top of these points I have also seen how un-proffessional and abusive these guys can be, the blackmail you into taking your 1 star reviews down amd try and put you down.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

I cancelled my server and they kept taking money from my paypal account. By the time I noticed they refused to refund any money that had been paid over 6 months ago. They have also been deeply unhelpful with this matter.

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from CB

Monday, September 18, 2017

Well let me start off with letting you guys know to STAY AWAY as far as possible from GTXGaming, they will go as far as blackmail you and threaten you if you leave bad reviews at trust pilot, they will threaten you with shutting down the server if you dont remove or change the rating, you can go ahead and go to trust pilot and see for yourself hes saying everything is made up but with the proof i have will show you guys how disgusting this company is.

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from None

Friday, August 25, 2017

I have used this company two years in a row to host a server for Ark. The first time was fine, everything ran mostly smooth. We did have to be changed machines about a month in, and they dont really keep good contact when they are making changes. Their customer server is hopefully the worst in the industrey because if not I am really afraid of what else might be out there and feel sorry for those having to deal with it. Their service talks down to you, repeats the same advice over the course of multiple emails and just keeps asking if I want to change machines again. This year the lag has been terrible, the customer service has gotten even worse, and honestly its my fault for not just looking for other hosts. Luckily I have found another host now and will soon be transferring away from this dial up company to one that other members of my group have used. I dont need to check my mods every 10 minutes guys, I know the mods are good, thats the same excuse you guys give to to explain away your hamster internet. Not to mention for the same set up I will be saving 50 dollars a quarter. Find someone else to host your gaming experience so you may actually enjoy it.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Even with the "VIP" support package the support is a complete Joke. Everytime I waited days for help for their arma "EXPERT" to help me with server config he would just say things like "OH DONT TRY TO RUN SO MANY MODS" or something as stupid as that without even trying to help.

I requested cancellation months ago and they are just cancelling it now (2 months late, I thought it was already cancelled)

I would never reccomend GTX Gaming to anyone.

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from Digital Lobster

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This company is so bad, after 3 days with troubles i decided to cancel my contract and get my money back on paypal.

But after i write an bad review on trustpilot they contacted my on facebook calling my a loser.

what kind of company is this!!!!

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from IT Consultant

Monday, February 6, 2017

Ok so laughably the 5 star review is from their own company. Rented a game server. Their backend process would cause the server to crash daily at the same time. They days into the games release removed the ability to edit the server ini which is contrary to industry standard because it caused them too much work because their processes are garbage. The tech I spoke to then chided me for wanting access and said they had the best ui in the industry (laugh). It's identical to others. They then refused a refund based on the change of service and their inability to keep the server from crashing making it impossible to run a legit private server. Look elsewhere. NFO or any number of other companies

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from mrghosting

Friday, January 31, 2014

They are the best and cheapest server hosting company i have ever been with! Go buy there stuff!

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from EdEnt

Friday, September 20, 2013

The worst customer service I've ever experienced. Days offline with little to no assistance. They give you an ETA and then don't stick to it and then give you another ETA and that passes too. The servers are slow, overloaded and laggy. Avoid at all costs.

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