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65 Reviews · Last reviewed on 14 October 2019

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65 Reviews

Last reviewed on
14 October 2019

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

from The Academy

With them for years... Feb 2019 realised they were now charging me £54 per month for a basic broadband line plus line rental, when I could have fibre with ten times the speed for 23 pounds off several other companies.
They wouldn't price match what I could get from a number of other companies so I initiated a change to another supplier. Eight months later, I have finally managed to change supplier.... Xln have blocked me from leaving on every attempt until in september I mentioned that I was now seeking legal advice.
BEWARE... you start on a low price, but they increase it frequently and (my personal experience) hold you hostage when you try to leave. Disgusted, not even an offer of a good will gesture of a refund of some of the money they (personal feeling) stole from me.
My advice... Lots of better suppliers out there.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

from Takeaway

Money hungry company. I completely agree with these reviews. We were initially promised £25 for the phone and broadband service. Everything was fine at the beginning. Over time our internet became slow and our prices were rising (£58). The first time we called th person said that the slow internet was normal as we had so many devices connected and the pricing was for the "upgrades" that we had never agreed apon. Fast forward to the end of our contract we obviously call to leave and although the customer service person seemed nice, she kept harrasing us with other deals such as fibre. She also began to develop an attitiude. After several calls we managed to reiterate that we did not want this service. So glad we have moved to a different supplier now!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

from aria computer

checking my yearly invoice, I was £179 over charged.calling them not helpful at all.I had to open a case by ombudsman to get my money refunded.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

from Sabaideethaispa

Bad service charge what they want .
Not fair on people who working alone not much time to check emails!! And them charge me more. So bad!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

from Appliance repair

extra charge all every month,after contract finished still receive out standing payment for useless explanation...not happy at all with this company...

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

from Seemeinthat

Dont bother whatever they quote they change mid term and will nearly double the cost as ours has gone up from £35 . They also have charged for fibre broadband but all we have received is normal 4Meg . And they just apologised and said we will give you £60 plus vat back for the 400 plus days we have not had fibre . They said thats all im getting as they dont have to do any more even though the contract was to supply fibre. I wouldnt advise anyone to go with companies like this . Stick with the people , BT BE WARNED BE CAREFUL as i wonder how many other companies and individuals have the same issues with knowing so CHECK WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR

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Friday, August 23, 2019

from House 0f Balloons

After reading all these reports on how xln try to scam all there customers by breaking the contract part way through it and adding additional items without notification I have had the same situation happen to me. I cancelled with them and they then telephone saying they can do me a better deal, well they couldn't keep to the first contract deal so I left. they then send me a Letter. Notice of intended court proceedings. so I was waiting for this to happen as im willing to go to court,,, heard nothing, then receive a email from Debt Collectors. I have tried to telephone xln and they have blocked phone numbers that are assocated to my name.. So now I am contacting Watch Dog to see if they can investigate Christian Nellermann and his crooked Company XLN., I Have done a bit of research online and there are hundreds of complaints of how customers have been scammed,, this is actually Fraud and I have copied and printed them to attach with a file for Watch Dog to investigate...Something as got to be done to stop them..

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

from Eagle Eye Motor

Rubbish company, I signed the 24 months contract with XLN one years ago, first year was £18.95 vat but they charging me almost £28 per month, when I asked XLN customer service what's the reason you charging me almost £28 and i had been told by XLN customer service is because of business insurance which is £3.50 per month on top of my bill and I didn't know I have to pay, because they didn't mention anything about business insurance when I signed with XLN, they told me is for everyone because of the line problem so they know they have always issue with the lines and services XLN providing, XLN want you to pay for their faulty line and I always had problem with the service which XLN providing me up to now, for second year contract was £26.95 vat I signed but now they charging me almost £41 per month, I still have the same issue with XLN no servise at all, I'm just losing my business and customers and XLN doesn't care they just Apologizing which is rubbish, i am looking for good service not Apologize, also XLN does not have their own enginier XLN asking openreach to fix the problem that is why they charging me £3.50 for business insurance, i also try to switch the provider and XLN rejected to new provider, I have been talking with Mr Atank Okoko head office manager after many times trying to resolve the issue with different managers Mr Atank told and emailed me that I can switch to other provide with no termination fee, unfortunately he lied to me because as soon as new provider request the contract from XLN new provider received objection from XLN and XLN customer service said if you want to switch to another supplier you have to pay the termination fee and they don't care what Mr Atank has been agreed with me, i still have to pay termination fee of £399 almost £92 for 2 months service which i never had because my line was discounted, I reported to of come and XLN said that why I reported to of come because we can resolve the issue for you, unfortunately everything is the same and they keep saying to pay the termination fee and 2 months missing payment for non service, XLN just rubbing people money, I never ever had this experience at all in my entire life, rubbish services, horrible customers servicing, over charging, they also changing the package without my permission and asking me for extra monthly cust even I was not happy when I find out later on, still they do change and they don't care, I don't recommend this company at all to anyone, XLN is the hell nightmare and if you don't want to having my problem and nightmare stay away from XLN and avoid XLN. AVOID XLN for better life with no stress. This is my horrible experience with XLN even you can not imagine. Do not be blind like me trusting any horrible company like XLN.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

from GR Ltd

I signed up to XLN when I was told I could have a fixed price of £17.95 per month. This has gone up 3 times since, without warning. When I call their customer service I am always told that I was informed by letter and email, when neither arrived. My bill is currently £34.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

from Chambers clothing

Absolutely disgusted in them and there sales agents was told to wait for a letter from my current provider seeing if there was any charges from them nothing came so went ahead with XLN!couple of months later hit with a 900 pound bill from my old provider!Xln sales agent has been feeding me nonsense for months now tellin me how my old provider is in the wrong because I wasn’t informed about the charges ombudsman involved an has upheld the charges DO NOT LISTEN TO THERE S**T small family business trying to make it work in very difficult conditions fuming??????????

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Monday, July 15, 2019

from Eatwell fish and chips

F...shite service...as no any resolution for my phone line..lost £1400 in 3 weeks for delivery business..as phone not working...shite company and services....

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

from Best Services

Let me join the club here as well. Its a horrible awful evil company built on greed. They lock you in a contract for 2 horrible years. I wish I never signed up with them. You have to keep an eye on your bills constantly. Sometimes the fees would double and even triple and if you don't look at the invoices, suspicious "additional" services creep in, - they just send you a random email saying oh yeah we enrolled you in an insurance pyramid scheme and you have to call them to turn that off, then listen to a god awful sales pitch that they are only selling you the internet part of the service NOT the cable itself which is managed by BT.. . Despicable disgusting company.. 1000% AVOID LIKE FIRE

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Monday, July 8, 2019

from Ex-XLN

Gosh, I cannot believe how XLN have managed to clear up all the negative reviews on the web about the reality and truth of what they were doing. We all went through the academy as they called it, it was training programme made up of a few months so called training where you basically worked the field for free all the while conning others into signing up with XLN and if you didn't get people into contracts and their dd details at the same time you were deemed an utter failure. The carrot they would dangle in front of you was the promise of becoming a manager with an amazing salary package plus large bonuses. It was a con and they conned everyone one else i.e. customers. Its appalling how they have managed to weasel out of any of this, just shows money speaks. Oh and did I mention that the owner of XLN Christian Nellemann is a millionaire? And dubbed successful entrepreneur? No wonder he has made his millions fast! Anyone can do so by conning and using people! Just google his face, it reflects the nastiness in his heart! And do I am not an ex-bitter employee! We never were employed, just used and we are speaking the truth but the reality is that we are a minority and not millionaires so no one would believe what we would have to say, maybe that is also how he has managed to get away with all the wrongdoings!

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

from Blue Popies Care & Support Services

They have failed to keep their promises.
Unsatisfactory customer services.
At least one of their employees has clearly misrepresented himself as account manager and point of contact whilst he is only dealing with sales. Poor

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Monday, July 1, 2019

from evolve fitness studio

worse company i have ever had the fortune to ever deal with. The price will continue to change and the contract will not be found. I wish i never left my old company. what a joke!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

from Drink junction Ltd

Rubbish service internet and no customer service

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Monday, June 17, 2019

from PoundPlus

Their main aim to take money from pocket and use different ideas to take money from you

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Friday, June 14, 2019

from Wagtastic

1 star is too good.
Tried to cancel after 5 days as broadband was too slow. Manager told me there is no cooling off period and if I cancelled I must pay £400.
She convinced me to stay and change to fibre. Well that was just as bad!!
I complained again, only to be told I can only use one device at a time otherwise the connection will slow down ! What a joke !
I’ve cancelled and changed back to Virgin media as from tomorrow.
XLN say I have to pay £400, I refuse and have cancelled the DD.
They can’t provide me the service they promised, therefore I have the right to leave the contract early.
Seeking legal advice

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

from Mr.

I had a issue with the terminal and the charges but after a week calls and speaking to different departments at the end got through a right person and they resolved the issue so refounded the cost even though some damage to my business after all that advertisement and phone restart still takes time to put right but still they got to bottom of it and i hope what they emailed and done so all in good shape , thanks ,

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Friday, June 7, 2019

This company will proceed without your permission to switch your phone line, they will keep harassing you when you ask them not to, make a complaint to the ICO the first time they ring you and have nothing to do with them.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

from vintage pro audio

Avoid this EVIL company like the plague.Absolutely shocking in every which way.All they care about is money and how much they can rip you off for.Avoid! Avoid!Avoid!

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

from Khaana Peena Ltd

Very disappointed. They charged us monthly for 17 months without even connecting the line. We haven’t been able to use the services for a second while 3 engineers visited our premises but couldn’t resolve the issue. Later, we tried to cancel the services but were told that it’s not possible to come out of contract.
Despite several requests to the helpline, nothing was done to improve our experience unless I had to go to their office in Millbank Tower where after lengthy discussion, they finally cancelled the contract with a pledge to look into our case and promised a possible refund.
Yesterday, I received a call saying that they will not be able to process any refunds and that was it.
We paid over £900 for not using any service and that’s a ripoff.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

from sba


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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

from Gadget Garage

Have had 3 billing issues since I joined Xln- the most recent relating to a price increase on my tariff for which XLN claim they notified me of by email however they didn’t as I would have cancelled as the price rockets after the initial 12 month introductory offer. So after mentioning a dead lock letter as advised by the regulator XLN decided they would match the cheapest offer I could find. Stuck with them for another 12 months and I’ll be going back to talk talk (customer service sucks but they stay cheap and don’t screw up on bills)

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

from Mex and i

Why we even have to give a star. We I got 9 lines with them but since 3 to 4 months they gone from £32 to £76. As its coming to an end of my contract and wanted to leave but I can't. As if I want to keep the number I have to be with them, even though they forgetting I paid for the number as well.
So I am leaving because of the cost and unexpected bills but I can't as I need the number I have for years.
Spoke to ofcom and they said they having a ?? laugh on me. As I have come to end of my contract and wanted to change suppliers but not allowing me to do so.
So now I took the matter to ofcom with written compliant and will be recording their call on next call to them with the link being shared here.
Keep away if you want your small business to run smooth.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

from PoundPlus

I started contract with XLN on 13 July 2017 @£16.95 which is increase thrice and now its
£ 37.19 .Last month on first March they increased the price which I refuse to accept it on 4th of March and asked them to response in writing ,but they try via phone and then through email. They did not listen to me and stop providing the service and later when I demand them for fair policy they add more money into my bill which is now £81 . I stopped my DD because they don't want to listen us as contractual party.Its damage my services to my customers. Can anyone provide advice to me that how to deal with XLN evil plan to taking money from customers.My sincere advice to the community please away from this monster company which don't care for their customers for few ££££ and use every dirty trick to nudge money from them .Take care

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

from A company

I run a small business that relies on an internet connection. The broadband went down on a Friday and has not been fixed for more than a week. I have spent more than a day on the phone to xln. They appear to have done very little to resolve the issue, an engineer was called out, after 4 days, he did not fix the issue, and 8 days later I have been told by text that:

"Openreach have advised further work is required to rectify the fault. We will call you on the next working day to update you. Regards, XLN."

I would strongly advise anyone who is considering using this company not to do so.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

from Pick a book

The happy friendly sounding voices at their call centre make you think its such a nice company until you sign up. Then you slowly start to realise you have fallen into a nest of vipers. So many dirty tricks. Its got to the point where it may even be better for us to pay their £400 early termination fee to get rid.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

from X

It starts with 20 pounds and goes up to 35 pounds my monthly charge and last month they charge me 46 pounds and when I ask why is that they said they upgraded my account with free calls , I don’t even have phone, just using internet, I never agreed to upgrade it and they never asked
Stay Away this EVEL company
I am not even going to give a star but hey I had to , give you one and is in middle one

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

from Pizza time

Avoid,as soon as you agree a contract with them every thing changes,I was promised £27.99 a month,from the first month it’s always been above £48 ,big different.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

from Halo hair and beauty

Terrible company, I thought I’d read through the small print and knew my broadband would be £25 first year and £36 after that, but the first year varied from £32-£42 and 2nd year has always been above £50. They’re hostile and rude on the phone and have such high edit fees your stuck with them for the length of the contract. Would never recommend them.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

from Luxel Shops Ltd

It seems my experience is similar to everyone else. Firstly it was the broadband not working. I pinpointed the fault to the router and asked them to send a new out. They said it's not the router it's the filter and they would send one of those out. A week later still no broadband and no filter. Phoned them again to be told that it was definitely sent out but they would send another anyway. A week later still no broadband or filter. Another phone call with the same discussion plus they suggested we go out and buy our own filter. After being told where to go they said they would send another. Several weeks later still no broadband or filter and no sign of issue being resolved.
In the meantime I checked our bills only to find that over the last couple of years they have steadily doubled. At this point I decided to ditch them. Lo and behold what do you think happened next? Yes, you got it, the retention team bombarding us with phone calls and special deals. They have been told where to go on several occasions but still persist.
For any potentially new XLN customer reading this then the message is clear:

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

from D&H

v suspicious practices at XLN. My monthly bill for my small business crept up from £45/month to more than £90 monthly by stealth (landline and broadband). Never a word from them until I discovered the higher charges when reviewing our accounts and I decided to cut over to a new provider. Then I get the calls from their retention team. Plainly, we had been taken advantage of and I would not be swayed back . Suddenly, days before the switch is supposed to happen, our landline develops a fault - they will need to send an engineer and it will take up to three days. Small business owners beware!

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Monday, January 21, 2019

from Caribbean hand

It’s extremely unfortunate that u have to even put a star this company is a disgrace beyond I nearly died and this company ruin my business phone line costing me I’ll see them in court please stay away from this company u better off with a expensive landline than paying these liars unprofessional hound dogs run I wish
I stayed with utilities warehouse I thought they were bad but they were actually my angels

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

from DG

I don't feel particularly inspired by XLN under normal circumstances to write a review but I found these reviews by chance and they're so far removed from my experience that I felt it necessary to write a review.

We have an office in a rural location so we could only access ADSL. I chose XLN for a business line to ensure quality of service compared to residential. The line itself has been problem free for over a year. They charged exactly what they said they would and we receive slightly higher speeds than they said we would.

They periodically call to try to sell something, which is very annoying, but as a service, I have very little to gripe about.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

from AcuteMarketing Ltd

Advised XLN i will be moving properties before taking package advisor said not a problem, When the day comes to ask them to move lines i find out there is an "engineer charge" of £99, i advise them the line is live in the new property and would not require an engineer.

After two weeks an engineer is sent he does nothing, he apparently visits the cabinet and tells me everything is already live.

The line they set up is also connected to the wrong box in the wrong room of the household, and when telling this to an advisor she tells me did you let us know.... it would seem xln advisors must be trained on taking complaints and replying in such a rude tone as they must have quite a few unhappy customers calling.

I advise the advisor ofcourse i let them know before asking to move the line, and it should also be a duty of theirs to check where to put the line or make it go live surely?

regardless i have lost a few days work with a line in the wrong box and i am still being charged £99

so after i wrote this review i had a call from the directors office and they agreed there was no engineer visit needed and they would look into it further and get back to me.

1 month after that conversation i have received an invoice of £150, no phone call from directors office and when calling customer service i am being told its a new contract i have got into and they are also putting on an assurance policy with i didnt request..... this is an absolute joke.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

from Junior Jam

6 years ago xln screwed up my office move and we had no phones and internet for months. I thought lightening won’t strike twice, how wrong could I be...

Xln were meant to move my company broadband fibre lines for 8th Oct. 5 weeks later I still have no phones. They were late with the line install, late with broadband to fibre upgrade, charged me for an expedite when they shouldn’t (promised a refund, still not in my bank), said the intermittent connection was down to my setup when it was a rein fault out of my premises. Was lied to about an engineer been sent, eventually got an engineer who identified rein and said I need a direct to premises fibre line. Xln strung me on for another 11days before admitting they couldn’t give me a error free fibre connection. I have no phones and intermittent internet and am a business. XLN customer service are a joke!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

from bakery

do not think about to go with XLN.
simply : contract on £16.99p
first month :£16.99
second month :£24
third month:£32
forth : £40
so on every month , one miss payment . they will disconnect your line completely and ask you to pay £499 .
its about taking your money otherwise they will send baillifs . 0 star , scammers

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Verified Review

from Aspire Wear

Things started OK with XLN, then after months of technical faults we had to upgrade to fibre as we were offline A LOT.

They put us on to a promo rate for 12 months, and agreed our contract would end after this. Needless to say they then started to charge the full amount after 10 months, and argued they were right.

I provided evidence and proved they were wrong, which they have now accepted 3 times. Always promising a credit note - which just never happens. They have wasted so much of my time, and even contacting the directors office I'm still being ignored.

They owe us money, and they are simply witholding it with no explanation.

Avoid completely - they are not good for small businesses - and you would be better opting with a more reputable provider.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

from Jenemma ltd

Worst company we have ever dealt with,telling us that we can only have 4mb broadband with a guaranteed speed of 1mb.

We advised Xln that the speed was too slow to use for our website orders they didn't care less and said you either pay for it or we will send bailiffs round to you.

Shocking attitude

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

from Destiny

A very very very greedy company. Beware they will sneak in added fees without prior warning ??. They will tell you that you have a faulty router and because you haven’t taken out business insurance with themselves they will charge you £120 ply vat for a technician to visit the premises and if there is no problem you will be charged for there time. Absolutely no business ethics in this company. I can’t stress enough please please avoid this company and go with a more reputable one. I wish someone had given me the s advice unfortunately I’ve had to encounter huge losses to find out myself.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Verified Review

from nSpire Group (UK)

We recently set up an account with XLN for our business line and we have 3 ISP's we use just in case of downtime. Once we signed up with XLN it took 6-weeks to get the line installed where as other providers had us done within 2 to 4 week, however, not a big concern.

Today our line was restricted after one of our direct debits failed even though we wrote to XLN informing them of our change in bank details (and provided said details). Once this happened we phoned and paid the line and was told it would take 48 hours for the line to be turned back on! This is disgraceful and the customer support I spoke to were rude, condescending and quite frankly unhelpful. The internet and phone lines have now been down for 3 hours - This would NEVER happened with any other ISP due to a bank charge error.

I will be warning other businesses about XLN and will certainly be terminating my contract with them.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

from West

Avoid, it’s a rip off.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

from Pizza

Avoid,very expensive.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

from [email protected] BARBERS

I sign a contract with XLN for landline and broadband. Since they did the installation in my shop the landline and broadband is going off every day it working for a few hour's and cut off again. I report the fault more than 10 time they send me engineer to fix the fault but still same off again. In 2 months the landline and broadband is off more than it is working. After a lot of calls and conversation with them I decided to cancel the contract they asking me to pay £299 cancellation fee I don't accept because they can't provide me with a good service. I cancel the contract free but they charge me 153 because of missing appointment but when I call them this is not true because the engineer was here and he don't want to do his job properly they till me you don't give him the access to the back yard .
This company just try to take money from customers with the very bad service.
Even zero star is too much to them .
The wrost company I have seen.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

from Adventure Golf Island


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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

from The Works

WoW, such a shame that we are not given the option to leave a ZERO RATING. Where do I start, XLN are the biggest cowboys in the industry bar none. I signed up to a new 12 month contract last year and have now come to the end, as such I am now on a rolling contract with them monthly but thieir devious sales tactics will not allow me to sign up as a new customer (a new customer is being provided fibre for £24.95 a year) but as an existing one. OK say I , I will move to Virgin, hang on say they we can match the price (£32.00) of them, so I cancel the Virgin line and phone back XLN, to be told that the deal was only available that day, now they want £94.00 a month). No way, so I have now gone to plusnet fibre (£30)only to be told that XLN do not hold my line, its held by Talktalk who have told me they cannot release my fibre line as it is on the XLN network ?????????, the only way to keep my number, which I have had as a business line for 10 years, is to drop down to a new broadband (not fibre).

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

from OMG Accessories LTD


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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

from Coffee Tales

1 Star is 5 too many for XLN



Currently I have lost minimum of £1000 in sales, plus £120 for their own incompetent engineer.

July 2018

It’s never fun when internet is lost due to faulty line.
Customers disappointed, card sales transaction lost in hundreds £££ a day.
Naturally I would ring up my service provider to rectify the fault.

Engineer John turned up.
“Can’t find it (junction box). Can’t do it. Can’t fix it. You will need to sort this out of hours” Ripping out ceiling tiles.
Out of hours would mean extremely early or very late so it would not affect trading hours of the shop.

So day 2, Engineer Barat turned up during trading hours, not out of hours.
Since he was here, let give it a go and fix it.
And so he did, spent 30-40minutes back and forth, located the line, the fault, the junction box, no need to go up the ceiling or to remove any tiles, fixed everything.
Phone line working, broadband working!!

Had a quick chat with this nice engineer, he told me the John engineer from yesterday was LOOKING AT THE WRONG PLACE, while he did that, he managed to yank out and dislocated the phone line itself.

XLN are now charging for a “Missed Appointment fee of £100 VAT” for John the engineer “NOT BEING ABLE TO DO HIS JOB”!!!!!!!!

Let me point out.
Same shop unit, same address.
Same line, same fault.
Same time, during trading hours.
While Barat the engineer can do his job correctly and smoothly.
We have the incompetent John not doing his job and MY BUSINESS IS CHARGED £120 FOR HIS INCOMPETENCE

Of course at this point I have been speaking with Michael from XLNs fault team, and while he says that they, XLN, will look into this matter and put this Missed Appointment fee on hold until it is resolved, GUESS WHAT????

I should point out that Michael did say it is up to XLN to decide regarding this fee, but then towards the end of our conversation, he then said it was BT Openreach.

1 Star is 5 too many for XLN from my experience.

PLEASE STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR BUSINESS, or if you got a business to trash, then that’s a different story.


March 2018

Some bright spark decided to switch over our broadband before sending out or even to check if we have our new router.
The result is spectacular!
No internet down for 24hrs and counting!
We lost hundreds of £££ in business as we can’t take card payment due to no internet!
Nothing worst than watching our customers walking out our door disappointed!!

No offer of any compensation with pour lost of trade!!!

Now We just found our telephone line suddenly goes through to a different number to a totally different shop!
Our customers are livid as they can’t get through to us to order on the phone, and when they do come in, there no customer WiFi availabile and to top it off we can’t accept cards!

Wow. Now we ask ourselves, is it really worth that £2 saving for THIS??????????

The only “Good” thing is that XLN support picks up their phone within 2 rings.
They do try to help with the situation, but the huge damage is done. Let us correct that, the DAMAGE IS STILL ONGOING AT THIS POINT.


This can be achieved with a saving of £2 a month versus our previous service provider!!

April 2018

I am pleased to say that the team at XLN, customer care, broadband support team, landline team have all tried their very best to help our business to get back on track and online. Sophie, Dominic, Mike to name a few, I hope I got their names right.
They have made tremendous effort to put things right.

So, after 48-50hrs of down time, business was lost in the region of £300-£400.
The disappointment to our customers was much much harder to calculate.

XLN had given a 2 months worth of credit towards the bill as a goodwill gesture.

Overall, some basic human error caused a big disruption; and like any good human being, XLN tried their very best to make things right.
I respect that.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

from Residential

If I could have given a star minus I would Xln are shocking they are a rip off company. When I moved into my house they refused to release the line as previous owner was still in contract and would not pay £400 yes £400 to end it although there was only 5 weeks left to run. Xln called me and said if I would take the account over which meant I'd lost my phone no I'd had for 15 yrs I could be switched on within 24 hrs in fact it turned out to be three weeks!! Since being with them I've had nothing but problems with connection I have to keep resetting router I've phoned them the agents change the settings at their end and it works for a few hours then disappears again after many complaints and conversations they said I should send back router as it might be faulty but if they tested it and it worked they would charge me £60 for a new one! Now how do we think that would have planned out? Not in my favour methinks! So I refused this generous offer, it's not the router it's their service into my property that's at fault so then the agent said they could do nothing else for me and suggested I buy extenders or ethernet links as they were providing me with the service promised the fact that I have no WiFi connection wasn't their fault I can't end the contract because it's quite new and would cost £100s to end. So I have invested in links to try and get internet around my house I've spoken to my neighbours who are not with Xln and they have no problems at all they a very fast WiFi connection with their providers and for much cheaper than this disgusting company charge I was totally duped by the original salesman and also not informed that vat would be charged on top of "bargain package" all other companies are inclusive of vat I am not a business so I cannot claim it back.
This company should be investigated for bad practice and misrepresentation and every other shady business practice they are inflicting on their customers there must be a body who control internet companies that we can complain to I am stuck with these rip off merchants for two years I the day I heard the name Xln Avoid Avoid Avoid

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Verified Review

from Webplugs.net

Cannot wait for my contract to end.

This company has been charging for random things from day one - Phone bill rental increased from day one. Never asked for Business Assurance and was never told about it when I signed up. Got absolutely zero chance of getting a refund from these charlatans for being over charged.

And don't you dare cancel a Direct Debit or they'll proper sting you for it, charge for not using DD and also for failed receipts. Complete rip-off.

Finally, with just a few weeks till my contract ends, I asked how much they needed for me to end contract and they said £299.00, OMG how are they getting away with this?

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

from HALL

The worst bunch of money grabbing sharlatons you've come across. Avoid avoid avoid!!!!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

from Iron Press

Had nothing but problems with XLN after taking up a contract in January. The router is consistently faulty and our 'Broadband' is painfully slow and drops out 10-15 times a day. Customer service has been prompt but all 3 occasions to fix this have been clearly unsuccesful. I have never experienced such bad service since Virgin Media in the early days.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

from Ks

£360 cancellation fee?! After adding a business insurance without my permission and it only covers one socket ?? they been charging me for 16 months and refuse to refund?! Didn’t mention anything about call recording on the phone, bill gone up to £40 a mouth from £28... they don’t even have a manager to speak to me... well good company

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Verified Review

from Turco's Limited

I have had the misfortune of signing up with this company on two occasions. The first was due to their competitive prices. However, the routers they sent me (two) were both faulty. Their 'technical' department blamed everything apart from their cheap and nasty routers for the issues I was having with my broadband. I ended up buying my own router at a cost of £100 so that I could have a stable internet connection. I found a different provider once my contract was up for renewal but had their customer services call me to say they'd beat the quote and that I'd have my own personal account manager who would take care of any possible future issues.

As I had my own router already set up for my security cameras etc., I thought "ok, I'll give it another go". What a huge mistake! Within 4 months of my contract starting, they put their prices up to what they were before!

XLN are a total rip-off company.

PLEASE learn by mistakes and AVOID them at all costs. They are not cheap, their service sucks and they do not keep to their word.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

from Eye vision

10 steps behind TALK TALK and BT.
Avoid at all
Costs! 3 months into the contract and I am planning on leaving and have been quoted £400! Biggest con artists and fraudsters. The sales rep are bunch of liers will say anything to get you signed on and there customer service is appalling! I was clearly told by the sales rep all U.K. mobile numbers are free which implies (Lyca numbers ) too as it is a U.K number!
I have been with TALK TALK for several years and they do not add extra charges to leech every penny out of you! They charge you for no caller ID which with talk talk and BT are free. They also charge you for calling Lyca mobile U.K. numbers whereas with TALK TALK and BT it is free. My average bill with talk talk was £30 whereas with XLN it’s £54!! For providing the same services! Also they have added an extra charge for insurance (few £!) without my permission few days ago whereas TALK TALK all breakdowns are free! Stay away as your bills will rise and rise with extra hidden charges! Please stay away from this fraudulent company I will be taking them to Court for misleading customers! Stay away! They are 10 steps behind other TALK TALK and BT.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

from Northumberland Honey

Having to review here, as XLN had this review silenced on Trust Pilot, making up a nonsence story that we have multiple accounts writing multiple reviews, this is not the case. Simply see how many positive reviews of XLN there are on trust pilot! Something not right is going on!

In our experience of 18 months with them, they are a very bad company, they answer the phone quickly, but are absolutely not to be trusted, stay clear.

Had an email through saying our contract would go from £30 per month to £37.99 per month, this is part way through the contract.

When phoned up to ask why this is the case, we were simply told that they could change our payment amount on the contract as it was in their terms and conditions that they can charge what they like for the contract and they decided that the contract we were on was no longer available, despite signing upto the contract when we joined as a special offer for what we thought would be the entire period of the contract.

The only thing they could offer us was yet another charge for a card machine if we wanted a card machine with them. As if!

Businesses need certainty in regular payments, not make the price up as you go along and hope no one notices.

Needless to say we are now cancelled

AS AN UPDATE following our intial attempt to cancel

Trust pilot have now removed this review as XLN reported it, suggesting we have multiple accounts reviewing XLN, this is NOT the case. We have wasted enough of our time on this corrupt company and do not wish ourselves or anyone else to have to waste any of their time either.

It re-inforces how underhand the company is, having also just spoken to an agent at XLN again (following automated message bombardment advising they will be charging us £299 if we try to leave) the agent was very unhelpful, seemed disinterested in the conversation and would not committ to any contractual information or obligations. He could not even clarify when they would make the charge or how it would be collected.

Needless to say, it seems trust pilot cannot be relied upon to broadcast and manage genuine reviews

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Friday, March 16, 2018

from Ne46

I just want to say I’m are Xln costmer for more than few years it’s about 1 year or more I have problems with my internet. At any time I call them there just say I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. But that sorry never do my job all the time xln put me down at my business I have to use my mobile phone internet must must of time and there charge me £33 every month only for internet. In end I like to say it’s very very bad service.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

from Envy hair&beauty

Don't trust this company.
XLN has been nothing but a rip off and stress for me and my small business.
I wrote a review last year after being duped into entering into a new contract with them after they decided to change my contract mid way through my term. Apparently I had to enter into a new contract or face a £299 fee for leaving because I hadn't seen their email and responded within a 30 day period. The contract Id previously agreed in to was no longer going to be on the market and instead I had to enter into a more expensive contract (£10 pcm more for less privileges!) Bear in mind this was mid way through my contract and not near the end. In the end I had no choice but to take on another 12month contract to get a lesser price- still nowhere near the price I had initially agreed to in my first contract.
CHECK YOUR INVOICES! CHECK YOUR EMAILS! I run a small business alone, with income calls only and my invoices became more and more expensive for no reason. I queried these and was told they'd added on insurances and packages that they said would be better for me that I hadn't agreed to and that wasn't in my contract.

I write again as during this new contract, months in I received another email, no phone calls or letters only 1 email to declare that my contract was changing AGAIN to a far more expensive one and the one I'm in now would no longer be available. This time I phoned straight away and was advised that I could change supplier with no fee within 30 days which I was more than pleased to do! Once I had changed supplier I began to receive umpteen phonecalls and emails threating that I owed £299 for changing.
Called XLN and after many contradicting conversations and them shaming other companies to gain back my business, It was agreed that I was within my rights to leave.
I was lucky this time to have seen that 1 email theyd sent.
This is bad business practice, surely they wont get away with this for long!
Get out whilst you can or you'll be tied into contracts that don't suit you for a long time!

I will now most likely get the bog standard automated reply below to contact them regarding this issue...
After months on end of contacting them trying to get them to help a small business owner who's been massively let down by their company they failed to help or resolve any issue I had.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

from Residential

When we moved in to our rented accommodation we were told we had to pay £300 to cancel our Landlords XLN business broadband/telephone line, or take it up on a new residential contract. We could not afford to cancel so had no choice but to take up the new contract. Slow intermittent broadband was an understatement but what choice did we have?

We have now been told we have to leave from our home as our Landlady is selling it due to very ill health (currently having her heart operated on and due to be in hospital for at least a month if not more) Not only are we losing our home but work also due to having to relocate.

I contacted XLN today to explain that we have to move so could we please end our contract to be told yet again that we have to pay the £300 cancellation fee or for our Landlady to contact them to take the contract over as a new tenant....She is in hospital!!! I have been told that we have to provide an eviction notice dated and signed, which we do not have and can not get, and if, god forbid she does not make it after the operation, we are pretty much stuffed.

Customer service is obviously not a high priority for XLN.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

from The Flag Inn

This has got to be the worst provider ever. I took over a small business and these jokers are the company they used. I asked my previous supplier to take over the line and broadband but this company dug there heels in refusing to allow the line and number to be change they told me the only way I’m getting the same number would be to join them which I was not prepared to do so tried holding me to ransom.

The customer service is shocking constantly repeating myself. I spoke to Ofcom who advised me to make them aware they are breaking telecom rules and I just got laughed at.

Since then I have made a complaint to Ofcom and waiting to hear the outcome.

I would advise downloading an app to record any calls before speaking to them and make them aware they are being recorded you will be shocked the way they speak to you.


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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Verified Review

from Fervo Renewable Energy

Customer service is terrible. It takes at least 4 or 5 calls and complaints before anything is done. Many promises are made, but are totally meaningless.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

from Alka International

Apparently they sent me a letter that increased my charges. It is in their contract apparently that they can increase your charges by whatever they like and you have only 30 days from the time they tell you to do anything about. However the letter they send does not warn you about this. .
They increased my charges for a line by 35% and was stuck with them for another year. Finally leaving and out of contract they tried to scare with claims i owed them £299. With new provider going to be saving over £25 month and will be on fibre instead of normal broadband.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Been with Xln for close to a year, service was fine but router had to be reset regularly.
I decided to upgrade to fiber when it became available and here is where the troubles began.
Live date was on a Tuesday, no internet. Reported the fault and to be fair the guy was helpful. I had to report the fault again on Wednesday as the order was still live on the system and he could not physically input it onto the system. On Wednesday I reported the fault again and was told it would be 3 working days although to expect it sooner.
On Friday morning I get a text expecting the broadband to be fixed within 3 working days. I call to complain and the attitude could not of been different with the member of staff, arrogant and obviously on a mini power trip telling me that it is what it is.
Tried to speak to a manager but was refused in a nano second, said I would stay on hold but this was refused.
Now no internet, a key function for my business and days wasted getting the fault even reported.
I always believe you judge a business on how it treats you when you have a problem, XLN have been found to be seriously lacking and I would never recommend them to anyone.
Great when you pay your money each month but god help you when you have a problem, complete arrogance and customer failure.
Each and every person I have spoke to (except the first) has lied to me and given different information after each call.

Update: 10 days and still no internet!

Update: Now been told the ground needs to be dug up and earliest update is 7 days time. No explanation as to why every other business in the building still has internet. I asked to go to dial up or be let out of my contract but this has been refused.
XLN have no interest in what is best for my business, their sole interest seems to be profit. Fair enough they are a business but not very fair on me or my business! XLN are even lower in my already very poor opinion of them.

Apparently XLN have up to 3 months where they don't have to supply me with broadband before I can cancel. For anybody thinking of joining this is a very important term and condition that I think everyone should be aware of. It is interesting the terms and conditions they inform you of when you have a problem.

Latest update:
I made an offer of £200 to XLN to leave my contract as a gesture of goodwill, especially seeing as no service has been provided.
Rohit from complaints has called me today (I have had a few conversations with him) and said no charges will be applied if I edit/remove this review! It is good to know that XLN are bribing customers to keep their reviews artificially high!!
I have requested a copy of the phone call and will be posting a link. XLN are sinking even further into the gutter!!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We have 8 lines with this company, 8 business lines.
All 8 of them have been out of action since Saturday.
We have made more than 20 phonecalls to XLN telecom and still the lines have not been repaired.
To make things even worse, every time we call them we have to go through the entire process of telling them the whole story, going through the entire account checks and name checks and address checks, which by the 20th time is really, really frustrating.
We have contacted BT to move the 8 lines back to BT and i am posting this review to warn people not to be fooled into switching to XLN Telecom.
They really are the worst company we have ever been unlucky enough to deal with. We thought we were saving a couple of quid a month on each line by switching but they have now destroyed our business and really dont know if we will ever recover our lost customers. Imagine 8 lines all out of order for 4 days now and still out of action.

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