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Online UK Collaborative Software consists of many different applications that are hosted ‘on-demand’ under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the Cloud and accessed when it’s needed. UK Collaborative Software includes services such as Document Management, Productivity Suites and Collaboration Tools, which users can access primarily through interfaces such as web browsers. If you’re looking for more UK Collaborative Software, check out our Productivity Suites or Collaboration Tools software categories.


Digital Business Transformation Suite

Interfacing empowers organizations to govern business complexity and achieve continuous improvement with our Collaboration Software. The cutting-edge, robust and integrated DBTS boosts productivity and helps you gain total control over your business. Learn more about Interfacing.

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Plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain on a global, open platform. Asite helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. Every day, people all over the world use Asite to manage.. Learn more about Asite.

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Arrow Business Communications Ltd

Arrow helps people and technology to do extraordinary things together. Our technology solutions enable connection and collaboration with colleagues and customers. Building teams, partnerships and relationships. Supporting your organisation to be secure, productive,.. Learn more about Arrow Business Communications Ltd.

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Founded in 2000, Synology is dedicated to developing high-performance, reliable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly NAS servers, surveillance solutions and routers. Our goal is to deliver agile and cost-effective solutions and solid customer service. Learn more about Synology.

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Unified Email & Collaboration Hub. Secure professional email on own domain and revolutionary integration with chats. Shared calendars for smooth planning. Real-time collaboration for every team and project with TeamChat. Cloud storage so all your files are available.. Learn more about IceWarp.

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Claromentis: Empowering Your Intranet for a Dynamic Digital Workplace Our solution combines the best elements of an intranet with the concept of a dynamic digital workplace. At Claromentis, we empower your intranet by providing a fully integrated solution that.. Learn more about Claromentis.

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Glasscubes is user-friendly collaboration software for businesses. It provides teams with a strategic and efficient way to collaborate, by sharing and storing information in the cloud that's secure, accurate and accessible from anywhere. Create an online community.. Learn more about Glasscubes.

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Engage Works Inspiring Experiences We’re a creative technology agency that puts people at the heart of every experience. With offices in London and Dubai, we combine the best creative with cutting-edge technology to create unique, innovative and bespoke experiences.. Learn more about CoCreate.

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Talkfreely provides a flexible internal communication platform that's easy to use and quick to deploy. It's used by organisations across the world to connect and engage difficult to reach workforces. Learn more about TalkFreely.

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EASY SOFTWARE UK was founded over 18 years ago and is today Europe’s foremost provider of integrated document and content management technologies with more than 13,600 installations worldwide. Global and local companies rely on our comprehensive suite of scaleable.. Learn more about EASY SOFTWARE UK.

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Collabor8 online is a project extranet that allows colleagues, teams and companies to work together more efficiently, saving time and reducing costs and allowing you to provide a better service to your clients. Collabor8 allows you to make your project documentation.. Learn more about Collabor8online.

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AnywhereWorks AnywhereWorks provides team communication by bringing your distributed and remote teams together in a single interactive online virtual Space. AnywhereWorks empowers your agile teams to collaborate effectively with each other. This as your business tool.. Learn more about AnywhereWorks.

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Made in Switzerland, the land of watches, banks, and clean design, Smallpdf is an award-winning company that offers a suite of clever document management tools for everyone—for work, for home, for life. Founded in 2013, Smallpdf provides a simple, secure, and.. Learn more about Smallpdf.

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Peach Technologies

Experts in Cloud, IT Services, Connectivity & Telecoms for Business. At Peach Technologies, we continuously innovate to create the UK's leading complete communication solutions for organisations of all sizes. "In a fast-paced world where the only constant is.. Learn more about Peach Technologies.

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Customer feedback & Net Promoter Software – for companies who differentiate based on quality of service. CustomerSure allows organizations to automatically gather and respond to feedback from every customer. We provide hundreds of satisfied customers globally.. Learn more about CustomerSure.

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Eigen is a research-led artificial intelligence company based in London and New York. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations make the right decisions, and we do this by unlocking the value of their qualitative data. Eigen automates the extraction and.. Learn more about Eigentech.

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Beezy is the Intelligent Workplace solution for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, we unify the digital workplace and empower users to communicate, share and collaborate better, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in.. Learn more about Beezy.

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EBC Group

We are currently waiting for our team of software specialists to complete their research on EBC Group. A more detailed breakdown of their services and company reviews are currently available on their profile page. Learn more about EBC Group.

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Loop Email

We understand that managing email can feel like hard work, but try and imagine a world where you love email – where email works hard for you. A world where you only have to focus on the good stuff, where you never miss important messages and where collaboration feels.. Learn more about Loop Email.

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At Wisembly, we work to change how people meet! Wisembly is the collaborative SaaS solution on web & mobile to reach 100% efficiency on seminars, meetings, formations and conference calls. At the beginning, Wisembly was a Parisian startup founded by 3 friends in 2010... Learn more about Wisembly.

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