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About Glasscubes

Glasscubes is user-friendly collaboration software for businesses. It provides teams with a strategic and efficient way to collaborate, by sharing and storing information in the cloud that's secure, accurate and accessible from anywhere.

Create an online community which strengthens relationships, improves knowledge transfer, facilitates decision making and drives innovation.

Secure File Storage:

Teams now enjoy far greater security when they store files in the cloud than when they store them on desktops or company servers. Glasscubes provides secure cloud storage to its users, with no limits on file sizes or restrictions on the types of documents that users can upload.

Once you’ve uploaded your work files to Glasscubes, you’ll have a central repository that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Every file you upload to Glasscubes is version controlled, which prevents colleagues from accidentally working on older versions of a document that you have shared. An Offline File Sync feature is also available as an option if you’d like to have the files you worked on while you were offline automatically synced to the workspace the next time you have an internet connection.

Team Collaboration:

Email has been replaced. For teams that work at lightning speed, instant chat and activity feeds are much more effective ways to communicate. Glasscubes’ team collaboration software allows users to post relevant communication publicly, so all of their colleagues can see and respond in real-time.

To get the most use out of Glasscubes, you should move all of your work conversations into the platform. Workspace activity feeds ensure that everyone is caught up on the latest announcements, with a real-time summary of what’s happening that includes discussions, questions, and comments displayed with quick links for easy contribution. Instant chat is also available for more one-on-one conversations, such as when you want to make arrangements or send updates on a project to a specific colleague.

Task & Project Management:

The time it takes to complete projects decreases when people have all the required resources at hand. Glasscubes has been designed to support growing teams, with comprehensive task management, file sharing, and scheduling tools. All of these tools are accessible from a centralised online dashboard.

Use Glasscubes’ task management tool to assign tasks and set priorities. You can assign tasks to individuals or groups. Advanced features also allow you to set task dependencies, use Gantt charts, and run critical path analysis to keep projects on track. Dividing your workspace into separate projects, each with distinct activities, is another way to manage projects in a secure and confidential manner.

Intranet & Extranet Functionality:

Glasscubes serves as a cloud-based alternative to traditional intranets and extranets. The software brings teams together inside shared workspaces, which encourages social interactions and boosts productivity. White-label solutions let companies customise their accounts, workspaces, and communication, as well.

Whereas intranets have a reputation for being difficult to navigate, Glasscubes is the opposite. The platform uses a simple interface, and there’s no IT setup, maintenance, or support required. When you invite team members to join a workspace, you’ll be able to share files, assign tasks, and organise files securely. Workspaces, much like intranets, are an ideal solution if you work with different groups of people, projects, or even events.

Glasscubes Key Features

  • File sharing and document management
  • Task and project management
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Intranet & extranet functionality
  • Easy to use with exceptional support
  • Secure, approved and accreditated

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from BTP

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My team were sending countless emails to one another and we were losing track of document revisions and our group progress. We looked at several apps and chose Glasscubes because it was by far the easiest to use with enough functionality to make group working more efficient.

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