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xln telecom
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from Fervo Renewable Energy

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Customer service is terrible. It takes at least 4 or 5 calls and complaints before anything is done. Many promises are made, but are totally meaningless.

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from Alka International

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Apparently they sent me a letter that increased my charges. It is in their contract apparently that they can increase your charges by whatever they like and you have only 30 days from the time they tell you to do anything about. However the letter they send does not warn you about this. .
They increased my charges for a line by 35% and was stuck with them for another year. Finally leaving and out of contract they tried to scare with claims i owed them £299. With new provider going to be saving over £25 month and will be on fibre instead of normal broadband.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Been with Xln for close to a year, service was fine but router had to be reset regularly.
I decided to upgrade to fiber when it became available and here is where the troubles began.
Live date was on a Tuesday, no internet. Reported the fault and to be fair the guy was helpful. I had to report the fault again on Wednesday as the order was still live on the system and he could not physically input it onto the system. On Wednesday I reported the fault again and was told it would be 3 working days although to expect it sooner.
On Friday morning I get a text expecting the broadband to be fixed within 3 working days. I call to complain and the attitude could not of been different with the member of staff, arrogant and obviously on a mini power trip telling me that it is what it is.
Tried to speak to a manager but was refused in a nano second, said I would stay on hold but this was refused.
Now no internet, a key function for my business and days wasted getting the fault even reported.
I always believe you judge a business on how it treats you when you have a problem, XLN have been found to be seriously lacking and I would never recommend them to anyone.
Great when you pay your money each month but god help you when you have a problem, complete arrogance and customer failure.
Each and every person I have spoke to (except the first) has lied to me and given different information after each call.

Update: 10 days and still no internet!

Update: Now been told the ground needs to be dug up and earliest update is 7 days time. No explanation as to why every other business in the building still has internet. I asked to go to dial up or be let out of my contract but this has been refused.
XLN have no interest in what is best for my business, their sole interest seems to be profit. Fair enough they are a business but not very fair on me or my business! XLN are even lower in my already very poor opinion of them.

Apparently XLN have up to 3 months where they don't have to supply me with broadband before I can cancel. For anybody thinking of joining this is a very important term and condition that I think everyone should be aware of. It is interesting the terms and conditions they inform you of when you have a problem.

Latest update:
I made an offer of £200 to XLN to leave my contract as a gesture of goodwill, especially seeing as no service has been provided.
Rohit from complaints has called me today (I have had a few conversations with him) and said no charges will be applied if I edit/remove this review! It is good to know that XLN are bribing customers to keep their reviews artificially high!!
I have requested a copy of the phone call and will be posting a link. XLN are sinking even further into the gutter!!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We have 8 lines with this company, 8 business lines.
All 8 of them have been out of action since Saturday.
We have made more than 20 phonecalls to XLN telecom and still the lines have not been repaired.
To make things even worse, every time we call them we have to go through the entire process of telling them the whole story, going through the entire account checks and name checks and address checks, which by the 20th time is really, really frustrating.
We have contacted BT to move the 8 lines back to BT and i am posting this review to warn people not to be fooled into switching to XLN Telecom.
They really are the worst company we have ever been unlucky enough to deal with. We thought we were saving a couple of quid a month on each line by switching but they have now destroyed our business and really dont know if we will ever recover our lost customers. Imagine 8 lines all out of order for 4 days now and still out of action.

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