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With a contemporary workforce characterised by intrinsic motivation, employee recognition and cultural change are increasingly being recognised as fundamental to increasing business performance, attracting new talent, and retaining great people.

At a time when businesses were collecting customer data with more vigour than ever before as an attempt to better understand their target markets, Luke Fisher, Merlin Mason and Steve Wikeley, founders of ThanksBox, decided to develop a platform that gave organisations the same level of understanding into what they deemed more valuable – their employees.

By capturing intelligent data insights and employee feedback, ThanksBox technology allows companies to monitor and accelerate cultural change by positively reinforcing desired behaviours and creating engaging working environments.

We're proud to be helping some of the world's best known brands create meaningful employee engagement through rewards, recognition and employee-led ideas.

Countries ThanksBox Services Available In

We're currently used in 48 countries and available in 12 different languages. If you're in need of a language we don't yet offer, just ask! We love to continue expanding.

ThanksBox Product Details

  • The only Employee Engagement platform to be recognised by the CIPD as a leading example of people analytics
  • Named a Top 50 Game Changer by ConnectTVT
  • Recognised as one of the Top 50 Brightest Stars 2018 by Creative England and The Guardian
  • Messages that tie back to organisational values encourage meaningful recognition
  • Recognition independent from Reward to cultivate a genuine cultural shift
  • Rethinking Reward with much more than vouchers
  • The platform is modular and highly configurable, enabling us to build solutions specific to your organisation
  • Bespoke scheme design to maximise adoption
  • A number of integrations that enable us to create a solution that best suits your workplace

ThanksBox Support & Customer Service

  • A hands-on approach to launches and to building continuous partnerships with customers
  • A dedicated team of people to support with change management
  • In-app live chat customer service
  • We're constantly evolving and iterating our tools in response to a wealth of user feedback

ThanksBox Key Features

  • Peer to Peer Recognition
  • Reward & Recognition
  • IdeasBoard
  • Nominations Tool
  • International & Enterprise Ready
  • Tailored On-boarding
  • Mobile & Desktop Compatible
  • Aligned to Company Values
  • Secure SSO Integration

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from PES

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Great Product, well liked and used in the office for even the most technophobic.

We set up Thanksbox as a trial for helping recognition in the office and it's gone down a storm. Used by all areas of the business regularly it's become part of our office culture. The ideas board has been equally useful and generated some popular events and changes to the office. We love it and can't fault the service if there have been any queries.

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from Crowne Plaza London City

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thanksbox is a great tool for making instant impact on the engagement and motivation of a team. Each environment within the application is clear and easy to use. The application has also been personalised easily for our needs. The team respond well to the immediacy and the survey function has been great for monthly recognition. I don't have any cons, but it would be great to get a Thankbox button installed onto our hotel team Facebook private group (and vice versa) This would help bring our communication and reward tools together.

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from Aliaxis UK

Friday, July 6, 2018

A fabulous business tool and one we could not do our daily business without now. Its ease of use along with the support we get from Thanksbox. I really like the fact that the recognition can be linked or not to the reward system. Just a great business tool. I could not fault it in any way. Every time we have had an opportunity to improve it 'Thanksbox' are right there beside us to make the upgrade. It's a necessary business tool which links our values to our behaviours and measures the success of our organisation in living these.

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from Horwich Farrelly

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thanksbox has completely changed the culture of recognition at this firm. Its very simple to use. Other users can comment with emoji's on your own post Thanks can be given across all levels and offices E mail notifications when you receive a posted thanks You can map your given and received messages of thanks It only takes seconds to send a thanks Useable on your mobile / tablet Messages can be sent privately or across the whole firm Managers access lets you compare how other departments are doing in the thanking ranking. Any issues we had were ironed out with regular group meetings to ensure Thanksbox was right for us.

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from IHG

Monday, June 25, 2018

It's a great way to recognise and reward my team and you can do that anytime anywhere. I can recognise and reward my team from wherever and whenever. I don't always get to catch people to thank them because my day can get hectic, and this gives a chance to reflect on the day and thank people for giving their all. It's a great way to recognise and reward my team and you can do that anytime anywhere.

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from Atlas Hotels (Holiday Inn Express)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wonderful reward and recognition system, easy to use. Great way to share your appreciation. This is a wonderful way to thank and recognize our team members for all their hard work, it also enables our team members to thank and recognise each other. Coming from a large company with over 2000 employees from all over the country, it also allows us to recognise other teams and individual employees from different locations. The great thing about Thanksbox is you can send a private message or if someone has done something to really WOW you, you can share it with the whole organisation.

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from Free Radio

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We have recently introduced ThanksBox and it has been incredibly well received by all staff. We really like how user friendly it is, and it really does encourage the sort of culture we are aiming to create. All staff members have become engaged in using the software from the word go and it has quickly become a very useful tool for us to have. The ideas sharing function is great to make all staff feel like they have a voice and can make suggestions. We can't fault it, it has been so easy to implement with great support from the ThanksBox guys and we are really enjoying using it.

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from Horwich Farrelly

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The launch of ThanksBox has changed the culture of recognition across all of our offices. It is so simple to use, the roll out and integration were incredibly straight forward. Whilst it seems simple, there's been so much thought put into the interface and functionality - we love it.

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from Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easy to use and implement, great support from a passionate team. It does what it says it does!It provides information in an easy to understand and intuitive format. It takes me a few moments to thank a colleague and because the app is aligned to organisational values it means users can see which values and behaviours are lived the most. The software is a great way of keeping our vales 'live' rather than just words in a leaflet. The app has a function for sharing messages of appreciation with other staff which is a good way to remind each other of the positive things which happen every day which is a bonus when having a bad day. Behind the scenes the analytics has helped me work out where to focus energy and action to embed our values and it continues to be a great source of information for deciding what action to take. The team at ThanksBox are highly responsive, helpful, friendly and approachable, nothing is too much trouble which made implementation an enjoyable process.

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from AEG

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amazing product, superb support and industry leading analytics. For our employees - it's simple, easy to use and has a great mobile experience, with is essential for our people who are on the go all the time. The ideas tool also offers a great way for our people to share what's important to them, quickly gather opinion from their colleagues and get the feedback they deserve from the organisation. For the HR & Leadership team - we've found the analytics outstanding, it really helps us to effectively manage the initiative across different areas of our business. We're already using the recognition & reward, ideas and surveys tool and can't wait to see what the ThanksBox team deliver next! ThanksBox has helped us to boost levels of employee recognition, better understand reward spend, capture insights about our company values, surface employee ideas and obtain great responses to some of our company challenges.

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from Tubular

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If your looking a HR Platform then Implementing this a no brainer. The multiple layers / avenues you have to communicate with Employees is fantastic.

I've worked alongside the Thanksbox team initially with feedback on the product early stages now they have expanded and grown considerably, I've been consulting onboard large team onto the platform. A great product with multiple method of communicating and listening to your employees. Big thumbs up!

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from LEO D119

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The best way to motivate people. Easy to use and to understand.

They made such a thing which you can motivate people with. I use it in my team in a nonprofit association and they love it.
The ThanksBox's team is really friendly so I can only recommend it. :)

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