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What is Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd?

Who We Are

Sharp-aX is based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, employing local people in modern large airy offices with excellent access to the M1 and M25. We’re uniquely positioned in the ERP software development market to offer a powerful combination of modern approaches to software combined with a tradition of expertise in delivering support to B2B SME’s in the wholesale and distribution industries.

What We Do

Our primary product is a powerful ERP system featuring integrated accounting stock control software & website systems for trading companies. Switching to the Sharp-aX software provides an excellent opportunity to re-examine what good software can do to enhance your turnover and business processing efficiency.

With 10 years intense development behind the software, we offer unparalleled flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. You will be able to tailor the Sharp-aX software to track and improve the flow of information across your business to save time and money in your day to day operations. Your staff will have the information needed to work effectively with no more bottlenecks of “only Fred knows about that and they’re out today”. Improve your customer service instantly by making all staff as knowledgeable as your best.

Changing business conditions due to economic uncertainty or new opportunities opening up? Sharp-ax continues to evolve with your business and does so at a far lower cost than a traditional bespoke system.

A fully integrated website

9 years of development of our fully integrated Sharp-aX website software ensures that web orders are paid and processed 24/7 seamlessly into the Sharp-aX system. Our web team works closely with our customers to ensure that new features written and their specific market place is recognised.

As the site ties directly into our ERP solution, it ensures that you only have to key data once, rather than multiple times, reducing the time and effort needed to maintain your website information.

Company History

Originally established as Ramtac Computer Systems, we sold the Ramtac Company to Intact Ireland in May 2016. As Ramtac, we initially sold the Intact VLine ERP product, and later on the Intact IQ product, very successfully throughout the UK. In 2008 we wrote and developed the Sharp-aX ERP software and introduced this to our first client site, Connect Electrical in 2010.

The success of the Sharp-aX product continued, and the number of people employed working on the product grew and grew, until in 2016, the sale of the Intact users contracts was made back to the original software company, Intact.

The sale of Ramtac and the Intact product user contracts enabled us – not only to retain our hugely experienced teams of developers, trainers, support analysts and salespeople – but to re-focus the company and invest more heavily in our own Windows based Sharp-aX software & integrated Web solutions. We believe that we are the only UK Company which has written new ERP software in the past decade.

We take pride in our customers’ successful use of our products and our warm and loyal relationships with them, and since splitting we’ve seen significant improvements in our responsiveness and levels of customer service and introduced new features at a faster rate than was previously possible.

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Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd Key Features


Making Tax Digital

Integrated Website built in-house

Stock / Warehouse Control

Project Management

Works Orders / Bill of Materials

eBay and Amazon integration

What is Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd?

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd Product Details

Sharp-aX ERP Business Software is one of the only products produced in the UK. Unlike many competitors, we don't have monolithic corporations telling us how our software should run so we can offer a flexible, personalised approach whilst still supplying the product off the shelf.

With only one version with various expansion modules for industry specific needs we ensure that our customers benefit from each others inovations and approaches to solving common business problems.

Our software offers a flexible approach to handling critical business data, with the ability to add fields and tables to the system on the fly, even whilst trading which lets you build a system that suits how you want to do business. What's more, those customisations are guarenteed to remain working from version to version without the need for expensive development costs each time. No more will you have to wait for the business to be able to afford the "upgrade costs" from your existing vendor.

We support both on-premise and cloud deployments of the software, though fundamentally it's the same product for both, so you don't lose out on features or have to suffer an overly simplified access to your data just because you want the benefit of working in the cloud.

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd Support & Customer Service

As experts in supporting wholesale and distribution businesses we understand what's important to keeping your business working. Our support team handles over 70% of the calls same day, usually within an hour and the majority of those that take longer are due to waiting for feedback from the end user.

Our typical outstanding unresolved issues, including those awaiting customer feedback, is usually under 25 and we will typically have no more than a single issue pending for a customer at any one time.

Our team works on a collaborative basis, so you get the best experience each time you pick up the phone and don't have to wait for a particular person to become available to get a response on your ticket. The support staff are trained to pull in whatever resources are needed to resolve your issue, including our MD, Development team etc.

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd Pricing

Prices will vary depending on the size of the installation, if you'd like to know more please phone our sales team on 01442 505 950

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02 April 2019

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sharp-aX has been our chosen software supplier for over 10 years and has really helped our family business grow. The software looks after all our stock control, sales, purchasing, accounts including up to the minute financial reports so we always know where we are and can react quickly in an ever changing market.

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