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About sales-i

Our sales analytics software removes the typical ‘scattergun’ sales approach and allows you to work smarter.

Know when a competitor is moving in on your turf, reel in drifting customers and identify gaps in your sales with ease. sales-i turns your team into proactive salespeople that always get to the sale first.

sales-i Key Features

  • Find easy-to-close opportunities
  • Save hours of admin through automation
  • Get alerts when a customer's spend drops
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM

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Write a review

from Distribution solutions UK

Monday, January 23, 2017

Using sales-i is a breeze even though I'm not particularly 'techy'. I can find what I'm looking for quickly with the campaigns I set up initially and if I want to answer any other questions or even just have a play I go into the enquiries to gain more insight.

I love that any data I find related to customers is then linked to the CRM part of the system, so it gives me a reason to contact a customer, ammo to use when I do and an organised way to record the call or visit etc.

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