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About i-snapshot

Founded in 2007, we have continued to help Sales Managemers manage their teams and grow revenues

1.We help sales leaders succeed by delivering key information when and where they need it.

2.We make it easy for field sales staff to record sales visit information in a minute or less

3.i-snapshot only needs the same signal as sending a text so has great coverage, no out of signal

4.i-snapshot automates the mundane stuff for the sales team, pre meeting notes delivered to the phone in 5 seconds

i-snapshot, is the easiest to use app for your team to use and as a native app has a data footprint equivalent of 2 text messages.

i-snapshot Product Details

i-snapshot by April 2018 has received over over 20 million field sales visits which drives our understanding of many key questions such as: How many calls should my team be doing What contact frequency drives revenue Are my team doing what I need them to do Which competitors are in which account Are the BIG accounts been seen?

i-snapshot includes visited/not visited reports which typically double account coverage in a sales cycle. We typically safe 3 hours a week in admin time via a typical crm, and the call data can feed into a crm improving compliance

Countries i-snapshot Services Available In

i-snapshot has active clients in: 1.USA 2.Canada 3.Mexico 4.UK 5. Germany 6. Austria 7.Sweden 8.France 9. Denmark 10.UAE 11.Saudi Arabia 12. Bahrain 13.South Africa

and is available in over 19 languages

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Friday, June 13, 2014

using I-snapshot is easy and fun. makes working pleasurable and less stressful. extra sales too.

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