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5 Reviews

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10 January 2017

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We has been looking for a cloud tool to help us manage hundreds of contracts with a range of different key deadlines and end dates. Having used Excel as we grew this started to cause a number of problems. We reviewed the market and either found simplistic solutions that lacked customisation or expensive Enterprise solutions that needed to be tailored costing us more money than we wanted to spend.

Pros: Gatekeeper came with almost all of the features at less than 20% of the cost of the bigger vendors. The interface is great and really easy to use. The team just jumped in and got work done. We love the built in email/messaging system. As we deal with many suppliers storing all emails/messages centrally means every member of the team is up to date. This software has saved us lots of management time along with allow us to reduce costs. The support is great and we get updates on enhancements and new features all of the time - some of these were built based on our own requirements without additional costs.

Cons: When Gatekeeper first launched there was no Google Drive or Google Apps integration but this has now been added and it make the administration really simple.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gatekeeper has become the central solution we rely on for managing our contracts and
suppliers every day. The interface is beautiful and extremely easy to use - no training required.
There are a whole range of options to customise the application and views to our exact needs.
The Gatekeeper support team are very responsive to any request, proactively keep us updated on new development and also involve us in the overall product roadmap - its a true partner model.

I would thoroughly recommend Gatekeeper and the team to any company wanting to get their suppliers and contracts under control.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As a busy legal team we needed a central area to manage all contracts and give full visibility to the business. Gatekeeper has an extremely easy to use interface requiring little to no training. The customer success team worked very closely with us to configure the solution to meet our exact use-case.

The Google Apps integration and unlimited user plan has allowed Lending Home to roll out Gatekeeper to over 200 users giving direct and controlled access to specific contract records company-wide.

Gatekeeper has transformed the way our department engages with the business, improving efficiency, reducing risk and greatly enhancing collaboration.

I have no hesitation to strongly recommending Gatekeeper - it's an excellent solution from a great company

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We chose to partner with Gatekeeper as their technology was by far the most intuitive we evaluated. Our challenge was to secure accurate master data and compliance information from over 3,500 suppliers across Europe.

We simply didn't have the manpower to take on this challenge alone. Gatekeeper Vendor Portal technology and the supporting team are a vital partner for the SCC procurement and commercial teams moving forward

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Comments: As a Technologist, I review the market for leading Financial Services institutions looking for the very best technology in the market. It¿s my job to ensure we select best-in-class cloud solutions that combine an intuitive interface within an Enterprise grade, scalable and robust solution. I also need to ensure adherence to rigorous security standards that are demanded by our industry and integration of a chosen solution within the client¿s ecosystem of applications.

Following a detailed review of the market, shortlisting and formal procurement process, Gatekeeper stood out as the class-leading vendor and contract management solution based on the feature set and flexibility of the application. The current solution available and the overall vision is compelling.

We conducted a granular security review including our own penetration testing. It is clear from the output of this process that security is at the very core of the Gatekeeper application. This cannot be underestimated as we all move to the cloud.

We worked with Gatekeeper to implement their solution quickly and effectively across the organization. A seamless integration with OneLogin has made provisioning and user access simple and highly effective. User adoption is high and we look forward to expanding the use of the solution to their Portal Technology.

The Gatekeeper Customer Success Team and Technical support are, like the solution itself, the highest standard we have found in the industry today.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Gatekeeper.

Pros: - Usability - Ease of use - Integration

Cons: None

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