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11 June 2014

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I work for a small web developing company, in Oxford, as a C# / PHP developer. I'm currently working with a client who has websites with Datagate already. It was requested that their new site is hosted with Datagate, fine - not a problem with that. However, Drupal site is rather large and quite complex, so I needed a Linux VPS. I needed a VPS so that I could set up specific FTP accounts, specific permissions, private sections, secure sections, etc. I could list at least 10 more reasons why... Unfortunately, when asking for root or even admin access, I was told "You already uploaded files with FTP protocol... You don't need admin access to server. It would just some mess without any gain." to which I asked why? After a few further emails (which I polite may I add) mainly about a db error which I don't care about. FYI, I believe GoDaddy provide VPS with full root access, but then again Datagates website says "Running a dedicated server is all about control, resources and flexibility. You have full remote admin control and unlimited flexibility over software installation... High-Performing servers include full root access and superior connectivity". That is obviously a barefaced lie! The passwords are also then included in clear text in the email, nice one. So all in all, I wouldn't use this company if they were the last hosting company left on earth. Unless, of course, I wanted to be hurled abuse, then maybe...

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