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from flightscanner

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Over the weekend I was searching a domain name "flightscanner.net" on you sight and it was available for registration at its normal price £9.99. However, I did not register it instantly because I wanted to register some more domains and was thinking to pay you for all domain names all together instead of going through the same process of registration for each and every domain individually. However, when I cam back to your site in about 10 minutes to register my domains I was shocked to see that the domain "flightscanner.net" became unavailable and "flightscanners.net" with the addition of letter "s" at the end was coming to about £500.
This is ridiculous and a severe breach of your contractual duty of customer care according to which you cannot pick your customer's domains and register them to make money.
I already have hotmail, gmail, twitter and instagram accounts of both "flightscanner" and "flightscanners" which I will use as an evidence of your misconduct to your customers who type their domain names on your site with complete trust and good faith but in return you cheat your customers and get those domains reserved which you like to keep to make money from them.
If you do not release these domains with immediate affect I will take legal action against your company and bring this matter to watchdog with all evidence. Once it will be in the media I am sure many people will come out who had the same problem with you.

Sania Khan

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from Gordon Baxter Photography

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I have been with this company for many years. Unfortunately recently their customer support as well as performance has gone from average to terrible. They have lost ALL my emails and literally told me to take it or leave it. So I left. Considering years I spent with them I now regret it. I have not been refunded for the loss of my emails - which by the way were important business emails. When I raised the issue with support I was almost ignored and told to f$%k off.


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from Croxteth Park Storage

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I misunderstood the difference between hosting and domain renewal, and thought I was up to date with my website. Unfortunately it was not and 123 suspended my website and required an additional £40 plus vat to re-instate it. plus the hosting fee.
I have been with them many years and I am really dissapointed in them as a little communication and help would of been helpful. I am now looking for a new host.

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from weyttl

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I have two domains registered with domain registrar 123-reg.co.uk for community websites which serve the table tennis community in and around Dorset and also get a lot of hits from other places mostly people visiting Dorset and who wish to find information to play table tennis. These two domains have now been suspended by 123-reg having failed validation as per the message displayed from the whois search on nominet. I had initially reported this issue around September 25th 2014 without a proper resolution. The first line support didn't even bothered to raise a support issue. That was the time when I contacted Nominet when I was suggested to contact 123-reg again and also was suggested to move domains to a different registrar.

As a second attempt I contacted 123-reg again on the 8th of October and having insisted issued a support ticket and subsequently closed the ticket saying the issue has been resolved. All this time I have been receiving emails from Webfusion asking me to click a link and validate my details (only Name). I did that several times but not sure why it has not validated.

Last week I had realised that my domains have been suspended pending validation from webfusion. I had contacted them again on the 27th October 2014 and they issued another support ticket and said the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. I had contacted them again on the 28th October and wanted to talk to a manager and I was denied the opportunity. In spite of several updates on the ticket they neither resolved the issue nor escalated the issue to a manager. They haven't even provided information about what the problem was and when it will be resolved.

I had updated the call with several messages asking for information and escalation but fell on deaf ears. I think this registrar is scandalous. The one thing they do very promptly and I repeat very promptly was to nick money on time when the domains due for renewal. Apart from that they clearly lack in customer support and issue resolution. I really don't care what and how they do but I need the issue be resolved quickly as I feel the registrar has let the community down by not resolving the issue quickly.

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from DS

Thursday, February 13, 2014

This company are a bunch of crooks. They just auto renewed on 3 domains I no longer wanted. They refused to refund monies I had not given permission for them to take. In my book that's theft. Beware this company. Do not use under any circumstances

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from Privatwe

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A confusing email prompted a query. Replies were mostly irrelevant for so long I came close to moving to another domain name manager. I was not impressed - it took several exchanges, each less relevant than the previous, before a sensible answer came. I suspect all answers are made by a computer robot which eventually strikes the right answer - there's no feeling of human intervention any where. Although slightly more expensive, Ill be directing my clients to a different domain name manager in future.

No real communication; computer generated until one is driven up the wall; almost any other domain name manager I suspect would have better support; No more recommendations to my clients in future - Henry - Web site developer extraordinairre - p*****d off.

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