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What is Online Hedge Fund Software?

As Hedge Funds as investments become increasingly popular, it is inevitable that software will be developed to help manage and maintain Hedge Funds. Controlling risk and investment strategies is vitally important, as it complying with values compliance rules and restrictions. Having a single piece of software and infrastructure to do all this for you gives hedge funds a strong advantage against the competition.

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Hedge Fund Software

FINBOURNE Technology develops advanced financial software for the investment management industry. Our mission is to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency for everyone. We’re doing this with our product LUSID, an open cloud-based investment data.. Learn more about Finbourne.

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Hedge Fund Software

Founded in 2012, Allocator is fast growing to be the established information conduit for the Investment Management industry, gathering together and managing fund data so investors can access information on their investment portfolios. Institutional investors and.. Learn more about Allocator.

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Obsidian Suite

Hedge Fund Software

Obsidian Suite is an all in one investor management framework with a proven track record helping hedge fund clients rapidly digitize operations, cut costs, and improve sales cycles. Our modern interface lets clients choose from 4 key suites: Finance CRM, SmartDocs,.. Learn more about Obsidian Suite.

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