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What is a Cloud Server?

A UK Cloud Server is essentially the evolved form of a VPS, in respect that they both do basically the same thing. The differences between UK Cloud Servers and VPS are usually found in the hardware that these services run on, and the price. UK Cloud Servers run on a ‘cluster’ of servers and are therefore better at dealing with bursts in traffic, whereas a VPS is often on one static machine or server and does not handle bursts as effectively as a UK Cloud Server can. This unique attribute is reflected in the price difference. If you’re looking for similar online services like UK Cloud Servers, consider our VPS or Dedicated Server categories.

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Cloud Servers - Cloud Hosting by Hyve

Hyve virtual cloud servers outperform the performance of traditional dedicated servers, with added flexibility and a no single point of failure. Our cloud servers allow users to upgrade when they need to, which is especially useful for traffic increases for growing businesses and keeping costs low. Learn more about Hyve.

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Cloud Hosting Services

Sign up today using discount code "SC100" to get £100 free trial credit on our Cloud hosting. Our affordable cloud server features include: UK-based support | SSD-only cloud hosting | Windows & Linux options available | No single point of failure. Learn more about Tagadab.

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Cloud Server

Elastichosts is a global Cloud Server provider that offers easy-to-use Cloud Servers with instant, flexible computing capacity. As well as Cloud Servers, Elastichosts also offers Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Websites and Reseller Programs. The company has thousands of.. Learn more about Elastichosts.

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Cloud Server

We are currently waiting for our team of software specialists to complete their research on Brightbox. A more detailed breakdown of their services and company reviews are currently available on their profile page. Learn more about Brightbox.

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