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3 Reviews · Last reviewed on 27 July 2019

What is Survival Servers?

Survival servers is a Game hosting company

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3 Reviews

Last reviewed on
27 July 2019

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

from Compare Game Servers

This company is one huge joke, i fully regret throwing my money at them to recieve such a shit service. I found people on also agree with how bad they are.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Avoid serious. Have international friends I bought a server in London. It set up immediately but gave no instruction or indication that I would need a nasal dryer. But the support staff was available and I did it quickly. However, there was no game listed. So survival servers said to make a new token as if I might not have cut and pasted correctly. I said so much and did so. Still no server. They claimed that it took time to register and then I waited and an hour later it appeared on the list. I played 4 hours and logged out for the night. Next day not on the list. start / stop / update / update / update ... 40 minutes and it is displayed. Whew, I log in but forget to make the plural password so it kicks me back to the main menu ... it takes another 45 minutes to appear on the list. I send them tickets and they report that they can see my London server from Australia. I said, but I can't see it from North Carolina. And after uninstalling / reinstalling / another token, I tell them to move my server to a new machine. They refused four times until I said I would cancel my account. A new ticket person came to the scene and he made a new server. It turned out sometimes. Usually wait between five minutes and 30 minutes but it turned out ... I complained that it was not consistent and pointed out that other survival server servers that appeared every time had the same IP gateway address which means that all six were on the same physical computer server. I said the solution is there. What is different between it and this one? No answer to that and I played another three hours. After lunch I came back to play and the server was gone. The original had been abandoned and it still did not appear, but perhaps once between 30 and 45 minutes of waiting .... I wrote a ticket to cancel my subscription because I would not renew it every month. The next morning they had disabled my account. I still had at least 26 days but they took my money and closed my account.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

from gaming?

Thing's were going okay for the first few days I had the server. I paid a one year subscription for an ARK server and it has been down for 7 whole days and counting. I submitted a ticket and got the same response as another reviewer has stated; the ONE person that can initiate updates for the server has personal events going on and they did not currently have an ETA on when my server would be back online. I sent them a response email on Monday asking the status of the situation and still have not received a response...

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