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What is Node4?

Node4 is dedicated to serving fast-growing businesses with the most effective and flexible application of technology, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.

Since 2004 Node4 has achieved great success and rapid growth based on its unrivalled customer service, market-leading customer retention and comprehensive service offering.

Node4’s state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities, located in Derby, Leeds, Northampton and Reading, offer the latest in security technology, ensuring that even the most mission-critical applications are hosted securely and protected. Its competencies include cloud, colocation, managed hosting through cloud and virtualised environments, connectivity, SIP trunking and hosted telephony. Its leading solution, N4Cloud is a key part of the company’s wide product portfolio.

Node4 was named Best Business ITSP (Corporate) at the 2014 ITSPA Awards. In 2014 Node4 has also been selected as a National Champion in the 2014/15 European Business Awards and a finalist in the IT Europa Awards, Comms Business Awards and the DCS Awards.

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08 July 2020

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Absolutely abysmal service, no comprehension of the meaning of the word "urgent", even if appended with "we're losing business as a result of your delays".

We've been with Node4 for a number of years, and I've experienced entire projects come to a grinding halt due to waiting on Node4 to perform relatively simple tasks.

Last week we had a server outage (not with Node4) - our supplier fixed the server and migrated us over the course of 3 hours that evening, but we were stuck unable to publish and connect it to our back office system as Node4 have so far taken an entire day to whitelist one IP address on the firewall they manage for us (it's 4pm at time of writing this and I'm still waiting).

I called 7 times, each time I was told that an engineer was working on it, and on my last call was told that they weren't actually working on it and that the chap called Stuart was on a different project (so I was basically lied to the entire time).

We have actually lost business as a result of Node4's delays over the years, and every request we made has been simple - typically basic IP whitelisting and port forwarding, something that I could have solved myself in minutes.

I now have to email 30k customers to let them know of service disruptions, as we've missed the deadline dispatch today whilst waiting on Node4.

If you're thinking of outsourcing your IT support to Node4, I'd recommend that you think again. Avoid like the plague.

Also, look at the dates on the positive reviews - pretty obvious that they are fake, and the fact that they do not have a Google My Business page is also telling. Our new IT provider who is now in the process of taking over from Node4 have a Google page, and it has genuine 5 star reviews on it (including one from us).

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Monday, May 20, 2019

I was with them for 4.5 years. Back then they were brilliant. They really cared about their customers, and delivered a great service.

Now they have grown to be very corporate, where the left foot doesnt know what the right is doing.

A few months ago we needed DC access, and due to a new ticket system, which none of their staff seemed to know how to operate, I stood in reception for half an hour not being able to walk 50m to fix a server. Incredibly frustrating, and never an issue we had previously, especially after we were promised access before leaving to drive there.

We subsequently decided to leave, and their leaving process was made incredibly difficult due to them trying to hold us account to auto renewing our original 3 year contract. As we tried to leave a couple of weeks after our anniversay date (albeit 1 year after our original 3 year contract had finished) they wanted to charge us for an empty rack cabinet for the rest of the year. We finally settled it, but only after being ignored for weeks on end, emails not being replied to, and then them being aggressive and threatening solicitors.

Definitely not a flexible company like most cloud providers these days, and a very old fashioned way of business that ultimately has an expiry date.

Very sad to see a customer focused company turn their back on clients, and treat clients like an enemy or inconvenience.

As a local business owner, who knows many other local technology businesses and likes to support local business, I feel very sad not to be able to recommend Node4, and leave with and incredibly bitter taste in my mouth.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The most incompetent and dishonest hosting company I have ever worked with. Look at the other reviews, all 5 stars and done 1 a day over 6 days, skipping the weekend, when they don't work, that's right for a hosting company they dont have anyone in the data centres evenings and weekends. Those reviews are so blatantly written by themselves.

If you want a server rebooted, they have to call someone to drive a couple of hours out to the data centre to do it.

Steer clear, there a bigger, better and more reputable companies that charge less than these cowboys

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The SIP solution is far more flexible than our previous provider and has allowed us to improve the level of customer service by improved call quality and we expect to make savings of around 40-50%. Without hesitation, Node4 has lived up to, or perhaps even exceeded our expectations thus far.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Node4 were very accommodating in meeting our needs, ensuring we got the best cost effective solution.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

We were recommended Node4 as a data centre solution over 2 years ago. I was introduced to a Senior Account Manager which I must say is still our first point of call today. Our Account Manager walked us around their data centre and it is immediately clear Node4 know how to build an excellent data centre, and when you are hosting other people's data this is a very comforting factor.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Working with Node4 has been easy, in particular due to the support team who have offered excellent service, working with us in the first implementation phase to make sure that we provided a hassle free solution for our customers. We continue to work closely with Node4 and look forward to adding more services to our customer base in the future.

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