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19 July 2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014

sales and support guys who simple ignore emails-
hosting which does but play nice with google ownership verification methods
lost/delayed emails

10 years ago when I first joined it was very good.. I bought domain names, hosting, email ...

Now it is under different ownership & it is atrocious. I had so many emailed bounced, delayed, or senders got "no such mail box" replies, that I closed it.

The last hosting package I bought failed to link to the domain name I bought until I went through 3 days of telephone escalations because - guess what - all the emails were ignored.

I have a stack of unanswered emails to sale & so support, with matching auto-responses for each on, so I know they got them OK - but do they answer - do they care - NO & NO

Avoid !

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