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What is Clixifix?

Housebuilders, Housing Associations, Principal Contractors and Subcontractors struggling with your Customer Care approach, here's the solution. clixifix® defect and repair resolution software will deliver lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

clixifix® was designed to take the headache out of Customer Care by putting all of your reported issues in a single place, enabling you, your team, your clients and your sub-contractors to manage them together from one secure shared application.

Customers are the only reason that your construction business exists. Handling customer care complaints is something that many housebuilders and contractors struggle with; however it costs much more time, money and effort to gain new customers than it does to retain existing ones.

Being born out of a construction company ourselves back in 2012, we know what the key issues facing customer care teams are, and we believe that we solve these issues and much more. Many of our clients were previously using outdated on-premise systems or Excel spreadsheets to report aftercare issues, and were having problems keeping track of the progress of issues once sent off to the relevant contractor. We’ve helped them save time on unnecessary admin and sifting through email trails for updates. Through our newly-enhanced Residents’ Portal we’ve also helped many teams improve their relationship with their homeowners, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

We're different from most other solutions on the market as we offer a truly collaborative approach to aftercare. We're not license-based, meaning you can invite unlimited users from your organisation, in addition to inviting your clients and contractors to get involved via the way of 'freemium' portals. With everyone able to work from the same real-time data (what we like to call 'one version of the truth'), issues can be resolved more quickly.

We’ve helped countless clients make the move away from email and Excel based processes, to our web-based platform. Time usually spent sifting through email trails for information about a property, or updates on a reported issue. Rather than fire-fighting issues, customer care teams can be proactive, and use our powerful reporting suite to identify trends in defects or team member/contractor performance. This shift enables greater efficiency and creates a more positive relationship with residents and clients.

If you're looking to enhance and streamline your own aftercare operations, get in touch with us today at

Clixifix Key Features

No software to install, 100% web based

Invite unlimited Team members...

Comprehensive reports

Nominate Contractors / Maintenance Teams

Company wide KPI's

Capture defects & issues with Tickets

Digital signatures on completion of work

Defect management software

Snagging Software

Homeowners / Residents portal.

What is Clixifix?

Clixifix Product Details

clixifix® is one of the fastest-growing property & construction technology companies in the UK. clixifix® defect and repair resolution software, reduces time spent on administration, delivers lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

clixifix® empowers construction companies and property managers to deliver more efficient defect management and repair services. We do this via our simple, powerful management platform.

Our Ticket feature reconciles all your customer support issues and defects and manages them from one place. Tickets have simple Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with agreed service level response times which can be assigned to team members and sub-contractors.

Through an innovative combination of real-time updates, automation and instant metrics, clixifix® saves our clients 2 days on average in admin time.. PER USER! Defect & Repair costs can also be agreed in advance for chargeable works and collateral damage.

Deliver unprecedented customer service to your clients by giving them direct access to their project and property. Collaboration shouldn’t happen outside of your clixifix® account. Make it simple for all parties to work on issues and keep everyone involved in the conversation.

All updates, comments, emails and job-specific information will be automatically organised and time stamped. A lot of information on issues gets lost in handoffs, we think all of this should be saved automatically for you.

Your customers want to talk to you about defects & repairs—make it easy for them. Even in the most challenging times, our platform is flexible and empowers your homeowners, residents, joint venture partners and housing associations with free access to their tailor-made portals and handover collateral.

Clixifix Support & Customer Service

At clixifix® we are fanatical about our support and are dedicated to providing market leading support for our users.

Find all the guidance you need as you navigate through the world of customer service and defect management. clixifix® is your one-stop shop for savvy aftercare tips, in-depth guides, defect management advice, customer care insights, free tools, time-saving templates and more.

Should you need assistance, the clixifix® Customer Success team are available for live online chat during office hours and phone support with vast expertise in tech support and customer care in the construction sector via our support portal.

If you require assistance outside of business hours, you’ll find our knowledge base as well as many helpful articles, videos and user support forums. You can also raise a support ticket here and rest assured that your query will be actioned as soon as possible.

Customer Success Workshops & 'Getting Started' clixifix® is designed to be easy to use, however we do understand that some of our users prefer to have a level of 'hands on' support and training to roll-out the software to their team and external users.

Whether its support on the product or your internal customer care approach, our experienced team will tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Clixifix Free Trial Information

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Clixifix Pricing

Pricing. clixifix® is a collaboration platform designed to enable efficient communication with all stakeholders during the handover period. As such, clixifix® will never charge its clients per user per month. Instead, we have developed a pricing model based on the number of plots (if residential) or the number of projects (if commercial) you’re currently working on or are in warranty period. Use the slider below to discover how cost-effective clixifix® will be for your business.

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Clixifix Reviews



5 Reviews

Last reviewed on
07 June 2021

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Monday, June 7, 2021

Prior to using clixifix® we were using more
of an Excel based system and emailing
the sub-contractors to get them to go
back to fix snags. As a result, the chain
of communication was quite often broken.
The home owners weren’t always kept
updated to how things were proceeding.
We got to a stage where we got so
much bigger, we needed a system that
was aimed directly at keeping the home
owners happy.
Before we had clixifix®, snags would
come into the office and be pretty
much handled by whoever took the
information which resulted in a broken
communication trail.
With clixifix® any one of us at any time
can go onto the system to see where we
stand, and everything is recorded there.
In a lot of instances, we are closing off
house snags months and months before
we were able to using the old system
so it’s made us a lot more efficient.

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Monday, June 7, 2021

We used to work with Excel
spreadsheets which wasn’t a seamless
system at all, as we were unable to keep
customers up to date. Once we got
clixifix®, that changed everything.
Now, all departments and subcontractors
can be involved so we have a clear
definition of what’s happening with each
ticket. It has allowed me as a manager
of the customer care team to pull reports
more efficiently to ensure that KPIs that
we set for our sub-contractors are met,
and it gives me more scope to look into
why some aren’t being met.
The support has been great with
clixifix®. We can speak to a member of
the team on the phone or use live chat,
which we find very beneficial to get
immediate answers.
Customer care is very important to
Gentoo Homes, it’s at the heart of our
business model.

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Monday, June 7, 2021

“Our defect management process now
that we use clixifix® is significantly better.
It’s very easy to use as far and great for
reporting to senior management, as we
can have live reporting to see the position
we’re currently in.
The support we’ve received from clixifix®
has been really good. They’ve been very
supportive to the business. They came in
and did a full training session to the team,
and tailored it to exactly what we needed
to get us up and running straight away.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Most software that is used for Customer Service is cobbled together from an Accounting or Purchasing package and is difficult to use as the required features to do the job effectively just aren't there.

With clixifix you don't have this problem. It is designed solely for the purpose of looking after your customer, engaging contractors to be responsible for their issues and to hold relevant information for clients. This could be anything from meter readings to appliance manuals to help cards. Clixifix keeps everything in one place and is easily searchable.

The reporting features are great for board reports, client reports and even contractor meetings. These are in the form of graphs and pie charts and are easily downloadable into various file types.

The best part of all is you only pay for open properties and you only start paying for them once the handover date is registered, which means you can add them to the system in readiness. Once they are out of warranty and archived they drop from the monthly charges.

The development team have worked long and hard to get this system near perfect but they are always open to ideas from people who are using the system to make it even better and because this is done in-house, it doesn't take months and years to bring it on board.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Verified Review

As someone not from the building industry, I had little understanding of the Customer Care process for Home Builders... Especially for new homes. After using the clixifix software and gaining an understanding of the rigors of new home snagging I have a new-found respect for the software designers. It literally answers every question when it comes to customer care. It's transparency enables clients to keep tabs on sub-contractors which adds an extra layer of accountability to field teams. The ability to upload photos of defects etc eliminates any confusion saving time and money on unnecessary call-outs. Would recommend to any commercial or residential builder who wants to continuously monitor and improve on their service delivery.

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