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What is Windows Hosting?

UK Windows Hosting providers offer a web hosting service that runs on a Windows-based server. Consumers usually pick a Windows-based hosting service if they program their websites using development code like .NET. If you’re looking for online services similar to UK Windows Hosting, consider our Linux Hosting or Cheap Web Hosting categories.

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XL Hosting

XL Hosting
100% SSD Web Hosting Platform, Fast & Affordable

SSD performance is breath-taking and your Website deserves it! Giving faster page load times and greater reliability, making accessing your Website as fast as if it was stored on your own computer or network, from anywhere your visitors reside. Our Dedicated WordPress platform boosts your web loading time and provides managed upgrades & backups.

11 Reviews | Last reviewed on Friday, 14 Jul 2017

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Starcom Hosting

Starcom Hosting

Windows Hosting
Listed 12 Dec 2010

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