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Migration Solutions Ltd
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Migration Solutions Ltd Reviews

from Blue256

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over the last year, here at Blue256, we have been reviewing the need for Disaster Recovery and Business Contingency strategies; to afford our clients peace of mind when it comes to maximising their operational availability and readiness. Given the multitude of options available, from software, hardware and managed services, it can be a daunting task to ensure we have not only understood the client’s needs, but have also aligned their business to a correct product or service, and one that will add benefit to our client. We approached MigSolv with a view to using their colocation services for one of our larger clients, after extensively searching on line for suitable premises and available services. As this was our first foray into this business stream, our approach was one of slight apprehension (we would be entrusting the care and service of our clients to a hitherto unknown 3rd party, and resultantly, our reputation). After our initial conversations, we were placed in the care of a dedicated Sales Director, as well as a Business Development Director. We were invited for tours of the data centre, along with meeting key members of staff, during which time we were able to pose a multitude of questions, all of these being answered honestly and satisfactorily. MigSolv have proven to be an invaluable resource when we need to discuss strategy, planning and fulfillment; each time it seems they get quicker at responding to requests, and I am happy to say that I have the satisfaction in knowing they are fully versant with our needs, as well as those of our clients. From initial contract discussions right through to committing to rackspace, I have found them to be nothing less than professional, and are obviously geared up for excellent customer service and awareness. When we decided to use MigSolv for our large client, at one point in the project, I had to double check my workload to ensure I had not overlooked key areas, as the channels of communication had gone quiet. The simple reason was that they has asked the right questions and did not need to keep mailing or calling us for “just one more thing”. When the client went live, it was extremely satisfying to know we had found not only the correct colocation provider from an operation perspective, but also from a customer focus standpoint. To cite one final example, we had a small client using 2 servers, and unfortunately they were left “high and dry” with their previous colocation provider. We contacted MigSolv to see how quickly we could get our client racked and secure, and from start to finish (including installation and a new Internet feed, the process took 4 working days. One of which was used by our client to decommission and deliver their servers). Our client found the service to be so good, expedient, and extremely cost effective, that they have now racked another server, with a view to adding more as their e-commerce and operational needs dictate the need for more rack space. It is without hesitation that I can say all our hosted, DR/BCP projects which have a need for colocation, will be placed with MigSolv; as it is one facet of project delivery that we can be assured of, will not cause project or budgetary overrun.

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from Trescray Services LLP

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After completing a detailed review of many CoLo providers we have relocated our systems to MigSolv. MigSolv has supported our business at lower cost and with better support than our old provider. That, coupled with flexible pricing, bandwidth and strong environmental credential means that we also get lower bills each month, as we are billed for power we use, not what we think we'll use. Support and services have been excellent and provided very fast, well within our SLA agreements. A highly recommended partner and data centre provider.

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from Computer Service Centre, Norwich

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Colocating in MigSolv’s The Gatehouse data centre in Norwich has not only provided us with excellent facilities backed by very high levels of service, but working in partnership with MigSolv has allowed us to approach a new customer base and successfully win new large business opportunities. By colocating at The Gatehouse, we have been able to offer customers higher quality services and improved SLAs enabling us to approach a broader range of customers and attract their business. The data centre is a very high quality build and MigSolv’s ethic of providing excellence in service is very welcome indeed.

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from JAWilson Design

Friday, November 2, 2012

Having looked at many companies that provided colocation services, I found Migration Solutions and their Gatehouse data centre. What was unique about MigSolv was that not only could they offer me a fantastic facility, but they also had the skills and experience to migrate me into their data centre. They made the whole process seamless, painless and easy to achieve. We have since done some reciprocal business which I also found refreshing that they didn't just view me as another customer, but actually took an interest in my business too.

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