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What is Peach Technologies?

Experts in Cloud, IT Services, Connectivity & Telecoms for Business. At Peach Technologies, we continuously innovate to create the UK's leading
complete communication solutions for organisations of all sizes.

"In a fast-paced world where the only constant is change, Peach is here to make technology simple."
- Darren Scott-Healey - CEO, Peach Technologies

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Peach Technologies Key Features

Cloud services for business

Office 365 for business

Hosted Skype for business

Managed IT Services for business

Virtual Desktop in the Cloud for busines

SIP for business

Leased Lines for business

Business Broadband

Business Telephone Systems

Mobile Phones for Business

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6 Reviews

Last reviewed on
15 November 2018

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Friday, November 16, 2018

1. Their sales guy John Hunter is expert at 'sharp practice'. He bamboozles and blinds you with numbers.
2. The customer service folk are exactly the same.
3. They are very good at promising the earth and steering you away from the small print until, bang, it's too late and you're trapped.
4. The 'positive' reviews on this site are not real when you check them out.
5. Steer clear and find a supplier who is transparent, tells the truth and doesn't put his hand in your pocket.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I've had to rate a 1star as wasn't able to rate zero!!

Avoid Peach like the plague!!! Calls constantly dropping, the rudest customer service team you'd ever meet in your life and considering they are a telephone company they don't know how to return a phone call. Seriously don't ever use them my Director needs counselling after being in a contract with them for 4 years!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Verified Review

My company NOUR London Ltd has been with Peach for over 3 years now, sadly we are NOT happy with their services.
We have had an issue with line dropping during conversation since the installation, this issue still occurring.
Furthermore we were promised they take care of any penalties that may occur if we switch from BT to Peach but they have NOT honored their promise.
Can't wait to get rid of Peach.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Wow, I cannot recommend Peach Technologies more highly.
I am super impressed by the way they have looked after my business, thank you so much, I'm looking forward to continuing and building on our Business relationship, awesome job.
Lesleyanne Cade
Cade9 Cuddles Hotel for Dogs

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It is might great pleasure to take this time.. To openly extend my gratitude, praise and immeasurable thanks ?? to the whole team at Peach Technologies.
Owning and operating AK Wildlife Cruises in Falmouth Cornwall . One of the UK Premier Wildlife Tour Cruise business .
My website is a vital part of our exposure and marketing to the World at large . Having lots of International clients enjoying our Cruises .
So it was with some surprise and shock, when I received an email from Peach . Saying that my old Website Host . Had sold up and now Peach were now my new Website Hosts .
My initial contact was with Louise . Who I can only say. Put me at complete ease straight away.. By her professional approach, warmth and openness to me . As she didn't know me from Adam and my preference is always, to deal with people initially. Face to face . So you can establish a good working relationship and understanding . Especially when you consider . This had all happened without my prior knowledge. So this initial contact and subsequent contact with Louise . Was vital in building the foundation and brilliant working relationship . We now have and share between ouf two respective companies .
It actually doesn't finish there .
As a year and a half later . I received an email from Peach . Saying that my original website which I have to say . I was incredibly proud of and adored . Was in today's modern world and " Smartphones " . Was in fact some what DATED !!! And not receptive to these Our new " Smartphones " and they felt in their professional wisdom . My whole website needed a complete overhaul and rebuild . In order to not only make it compatible with these new Smartphones but to also give it greatly improved protection from the ravages of Cyper crime and hacking . Which regrettably threatens us all .
Understandably I once again had concerns . As Peach Technologies are in Hampshire and AK Wildlife Cruises is in Falmouth Cornwall .
As with my fabulous and original website. I had helped to build it myself. Personally taking the time to sit alongside team who then built it .
So in this case. I was now totally in the hands of both Marcus and Peter . Whom again . I have to say . I have never had the pleasure of meeting . .
So it was with some concerns handing over control exclusively to both Marcus and Peter . To build and create my new website . Relying solely from afar . After our phone conversations . On their judgment , artistic creativity and consument professionalism . To build and recreate , what was in my eyes . Already, a perfectly good and brilliant website !!!
Fear not I'm delighted to inform you all .
As their level of professionalism is exemplary. Continually keeping me up to speed with all things . No matter how small of trivial they might have appeared . Their eye to detail and artistic creativity was and is, a joy to behold . With this my new and much improved website . Being a truly fabulous reflection of all I offer here at AK Wildlife Cruises
I can not thank both Marcus and Peter enough . For their time , their understanding of my vision and their truly exemplary and fabulous work . At creating this my new and I'm thrilled to say . Very much improved , fresh and modern website
I could finish my review here .
However, I am delighted to also offer praise where praise is due .
With a recent move and nightmares with phone lines and trying repeatedly to hold on to our old contact phone new . I mentioned this to Marcus .
Who once again went ouf of his way . To say I was not to worry as a colleague of his . Craig at I.T within Peach Technologies would be in contact with me . To talk things through .
Within a day of our conversation. Craig was in contact with me . Happily listened to all my problems . That I had continually experienced . Trying to retrieve and hold on to my original phone number .
Which I had been assured multiple times, by the provider. Was indeed a simple and straight forward thing to do . BUT who had continually and utterly failed to provided .
Craig very kindly made a note of everything and happily said . Leave it with me . I will get this sorted for you and I will retrieve and secure your original contact phone number .
To my absolute joy within a few working days . Craig was indeed back in contact with me .
To kindly and happily inform me . He had sent in his requisition order and was happily informing me . That finally he had been able to retrieve my original phone number.
I can't explain in words the relief . This meant . As all our Printed material and Gift Vouchers . Had this number as our contact number .
So again Peach Technologies were the masters of all they offer and provide . A truly FIRST CLASS SERVICE.
Run by a brilliant friendly and fabulous team of Consummate Professionals.
I can not recommend them all highly enough . And my immense gratitude and appreciation go to all I have happily mentioned at Peach Technologies. Louise , Marcus, Peter and Craig . You all deserve a round of applause ?? ??????
Respectfully yours . Capt: Keith.B.Leeves

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Left several messages for marketing to sort out my website, no response.

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