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About Youmanage

Youmanage is a comprehensive online people management system for people managers and HR professionals. Youmanage helps organisations increase workforce productivity, reduce administration costs and control risk, by delivering all of the tools, information and guidance that a manager or HR user needs to be effective, delivered via an easy-to-access, easy-to-use interface.
Our principal and primary objective is to position Youmanage as a management system for assisting users in the management of complex HR workflow processes, the system being designed to generate and record data regarding a sequence of events occurring over time, venturing into full ‘case management’, and ensuring compliance with UK-led employment legislation. The system stores a set of event rules, linked to ‘HR best practice’ workflow processes that govern which output data is provided to users at each particular stage or event within any workflow process.
The service incorporates powerful workflow and database software, combined with valuable guidance content and supporting information. The service can be configured to reflect each individual client’s branding, policies, procedures and related documentation.
Youmanage incorporates a comprehensive suite of modules, which are designed around the key people management processes that typically exist within an organisation. Currently available modules include Core HR, Absence & Holidays, Disciplinary & Grievance, Self-Service, Performance Management & Development and Recruitment and Interviewing. Each module consists of a combination of workflow tools, reporting functionality, standard documentation and guidance content.
All modules are underpinned by a single employee database which stores comprehensive data relating to employees and management processes. Extensive reporting and analytics functionality, including pre-defined reports, custom report-builder and the ability to automatically schedule the delivery of reports – reporting enables users to perform in-depth analysis of the profile of their workforce and the status of various HR processes.
Taken collectively, Youmanage's service modules provide support to managers and HR users throughout the employee life cycle and enable a more joined-up and effective approach to people management.
Youmanage is delivered as a hosted, web-based service, thereby reducing the cost of adoption and ownership for the customer. The application and client data is hosted on a secure and resilient infrastructure with built-in redundancy.
Because the system can be accessed from any machine equipped with a web browser it is ideal for organisations with distributed workforces. Youmanage’s software application is based on Microsoft .NET and SQL server technology.
Youmanage aims to provide a complete solution to help improve our client’s people management processes.
The Youmanage modules work in a fully integrated manner to create a comprehensive People Management solution, which addresses the needs of HR users, line managers, senior management and employees. All modules are underpinned by a single employee database which stores comprehensive data relating to employees and management processes. The fully integrated nature of the solution allows relevant employee data to be accessed and used across different management processes without being re-keyed repeatedly. This ensures a more ‘joined-up’ approach to employee management.
Together, these elements provide managers and HR users with the tools, the processes, the information and the guidance they need to manage effectively throughout the employee life cycle.
Youmanage has a continual development process to enhance and improve the capabilities of the Youmanage service. We currently operate a ‘one version’ policy with regard to our software. This means that all clients automatically receive functional and capability enhancements to existing modules at no extra cost.

Key Features

  • Standard Workflow Capability
  • Content Management
  • User Permission Sets
  • Employee Hierarchies
  • Multi Company
  • Multi Currency
  • Multiple Holiday Entitlement Profiles
  • Reporting & Analytics

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