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About Ultimate Web Hosting

Ultimate Web Hosting is a company designed to give people freedom. People use the internet all of the time to research for projects, or to check for emails. We allow these people to put such websites up, by giving them in technical terms what is known as web space. What is more, we are fully dedicated to all of our clients, from potential customers to existing customers. Ultimate Web Hosting, is not some huge multinational corporation, but a small firm, giving just as a reliable service. They do say in the business world, small is better, and this is where we come in to play our part.

Located in Greater London, Ultimate Web Hosting, gives a reliable, personal and dedicated service. We specialise in our relationships with our customers.

We don't give out an 0870 number to a call centre (in fact its an 0800 free phone number) or think that we can overcharge customers because of our brand name, we are devoted to maintaining low prices but yet keeping the same level of service as you would receive from any of our rival firms. Here is our list of why you should choose us:

- Competitive Prices

- Free Phone Contact Telephone Number

- Real-Time Setup on All New Hosting Accounts

- Manage your Account Online

- Personal Account Manager

- Strong Customer Relations

- Excellent Technical Support

- No Hidden Costs (Setup Fees)

- All Prices are Inclusive of any Applicable Taxes

- High Quality of Service

- Easy to Transfer Domain Names

In addition to this we have a strong and knowledgeable technical support team in order to assist you with any issues that may arise. if you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Web Hosting

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