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About ForceManager

ForceManager is a pioneering CRM provider that equips both field sales reps and managers with a respected sales solution. Since its founding in 2011, ForceManager’s aim has been to create revolutionary sales management software, facilitating the work of field sales reps. ForceManager works hard to maintain their tradition of using the latest, most up-to-date technology to ensure sales activity remains as efficient as possible. The company also boasts a significant international presence, with offices in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Bogota and Mexico City and clients in over 27 countries.

Our CRM is designed specifically for field sales reps. In order to improve results and increase sales activity, the system offers a native application for smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch that tracks and provides contextual information when on the move, allowing sales reps to work efficiently and focus on selling, not on reporting.
With ForceManager, sales managers and directors get real-time insight into their sales force activity too. By receiving detailed statistics that accurately reflects all interactions between sales teams and customers, better decisions are made and profit margins truly realized.

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Key Features

  • Effortless reporting
  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-device
  • Fully-integrated agenda
  • Sales opportunity pipeline
  • Sales management insights
  • Offline mode
  • Geolocation
  • Voice recognition
  • Support Portal

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