Best UK Linux Dedicated Server Reviews 2016

A UK Linux Dedicated Server offers the user full control over how and where their websites are hosted. UK Linux Dedicated Servers are often located in Data Centers and offer more freedom over other common forms of hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting. The main benefits of choosing a UK Linux Dedicated Server are that the user gains high performance, stability and control, though this often comes at a price reserved for websites that receive large volumes of traffic. If you’re looking for similar online services to a Dedicated Server, try our Cloud Hosting or Windows Dedicated Hosting categories.

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Customizable Server solution, affordable price!

Customize it your way! Yesup Host(Toronto) has supplied with fully customizable servers for worldwide clients for 16 years. We are providing you with 40,000 sq/ft data center, 99.99% up time, thoroughly tested hardware and software configurations, professional technical specialist and real saving price which starts at $49.99/month now!

5 Reviews | Last reviewed on Thursday, 07 Mar 2013

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